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  1. Hi folks, I am looking for another accountability partner. I am years into my recovery from porn addiction and I had to split up with my former fiance and I have been struggling a little bit with urges to use porn and have had a few relapses, so I am back here.

    Ideal accountability partner:
    - male around the age of 26 to 40-ish (not so important, maturity is important though)
    - awareness of brahmacharya, ojas, and Yoga
    - into personal development, kaizen, mastery

    I am imagining we would message day to day to report if we stayed clean that day and a video call around 10-15 minutes a week to do weekly check-ins about how the week went with regard to urges and redirecting thoughts.

    I am 34 years of age, living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have practiced Yoga since 2012 and professionally, I am an Addiction Therapist. I am into personal development and have recently adopted the practice of cold showers. I look forward to chatting with you. Thank you. Namaste.
  2. 94 dude +_-

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    Hey, I'm a married Air force vet. I'm very interested in entrepreneurship, body hacks, nutrition, mindfulness, basically anything that can make you better as a person.
    In my nofap research, I've looked a lot into semen retention and know of brahmacharya. I recently read Mantak Chia's male sexual energy book which has many of the same main concepts of cultivating sexual energy in the body.
    I've also seen the your brain on porn videos, keep an addiction journal (super heplful), and make a point of meditating and journaling every day.
    I've also been relapsing more frequently lately and think talking to someone about it might help.

    Full disclosure- I'm 26 and 6 months into recovery, but I think we are the same kind of person and can help each other.
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  3. That works for me. Thank you for posting on here. How about lining up an online one on one conference to see if it is a good fit? And we go from there. I am not seeing how to send a private message.

    I want to read that book. Seems like a message from the Universe to read that book. Look forward to seeing ya on the screen. What city do you live in?
  4. 94 dude +_-

    94 dude +_- Fapstronaut

    I "started a conversation" with you. I think that's a pm
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    hey very nice topics you are talking about

    I'm 24, full-time working in cryptocurrencies, also love doing calisthenics and running

    Hacking my body is also one of my goals, I will read that book of Mantak Chia about male sexual energy, I think there is some sort of secret there, males who learn how to transmute their sexual energy into work I think have a lot of advantages over the rest

    How is your 6 monhts recover going? Do you or have you suffered from PIED?

    Cheers bro

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