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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by littlebearchef, Dec 31, 2018.

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    I am 25M, Swedish.

    I started Fapping at the age of 12. I think life was very grim back then, and fapping gave me a sense of relief. So, I started overdoing it as I grew older.

    By the age of 23 or 24, I have started to realize that even though life is manageable now, I don't seem to enjoy it much. I messed up two of my serious relationships too and I am kind of sure my fapping (addiction or compulsive) had a major role in it.

    Today, I have another serious relationship going on and I already love her to bits and pieces. I just don't want this one to go down the drain because of my compulsive habit of fapping.

    I live in a 500 square meter house, two floors all by myself. As I said, I have managed life upto some extent. I just need to work on my mental health and nip the wanking habit slowly.

    If someone wants an accountability partner and wants to help me, I am game! Please write to me here.


    I have had 2 bad experiences before this. One guy wanted me to look at his son (don't ask me, I was petrified about it). Another guy wanted to share about his toys. Please, don't waste my energy. I am serious and begging for some help here.

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    I'm willing to be your AP and friend. However we live in different timezone. I live in Indonesia. Would that be okay?
  3. Hey, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that disturbing behaviour from others on here. I appreciate you for not letting them discourage you into finding accountability. I have a nofap accountability kik group and wanted to let you know that you can join us if you are interested. Just message me what your kik username is and I'll add you in. Also, just a heads up there is a girl in the group. so if that is not an issue I can add you in

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