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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by the20somethingvoyager, Jul 22, 2020.

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    Hello, I'm back at NoFap. I used to be here when I was still 17 years old. I had two accountability partners before but for some complex personal issues, I told them that I will quit NoFap and will do things on my own. Four years later, I'm still unsuccessful at controlling my masturbation problems. Recently, after doing some research, I discovered that I might be suffering with Anxiety, Chronic Depression, or OCD and compulsive masturbation is just one of the symptoms. I'm planning to visit a doctor to get a professional opinion about my concern but because of COVID-19, I decided to postpone it since going to hospitals is really risky. COVID-19 is also affecting me in a way that I masturbate a lot considering that I have no chance to meet my boyfriend (I'm gay by the way. If you are gay too, that'll be great. If you are straight, that'll be great too. Gender is a spectrum. We don't focus on labels too much.) and masturbation serves as my vehicle to get away with all the anxiety brought by this pandemic. As a solution, I thought of going back to NoFap to find a partner that can help me with my situation. I also want to have a friend that I can help since I know that the pandemic is testing the best in us and a stranger can be easier to talk to about worries and rants than a family relative. I can't introduce all that I know about myself through this post but I hope that this is enough to convince you that I am interesting enough and your NoFap journey with me will be a great one. Thank you very much. To my future accountability partner, please send me your first message. See you!
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