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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by thelittleandroid, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an (or more as well) AP providing support each other. I don't have many specific criteria, because I can not pretend to find someone just like me (noone of us is, unfortunately or not), but I'd prefer someone:
    - In his 20s (20-29)
    - From Italy (but I have so many doubts to be so fortunate to find one), Europe (or America at least)
    - Honest, determined and above all trustable
    I would not be so fiscal with the frequency of talking, but I'd say at least once each one- two weeks.
    Please, reply if you're interested and feel free to say if you want conditions in particular too.
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  2. thelittleandroid

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    I retry again, is there someone interested?
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  3. thelittleandroid

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    Fine, don't worry about that, it's ok for me!

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