Looking for example of good man/ good relationship

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  1. Just wondering about a day in the life a man without sexual distraction because of a good, great or perfect relationship. It's what we seem to be aiming for, so there must be men out there that exemplify this right?
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  2. The only one I can think of is Jesus. Nobody else is perfect, so we all fail. I dont think perfection should be the goal, because we will never reach that. Just do the best you can and give yourself some grace when you fail.
  3. Or a woman, who feels that their sex life and bond is good and
    their partner's life is fulfilling because of that.
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  4. I dont understand what you mean by this
  5. Just trying to open up for replies from men and women. I should not have used the word 'perfect'. Imean, "good", "happy" or "great".
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