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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Geyser, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Hey Everybody,

    The title says it all.

    Real quickly as to why I am seeking advice in these areas. I am on day 47 of my journey and I have just started to believe that this is really going to happen. That I can actually have control of if and when I masturbate. To put it simply, my body my choice.

    Unfortunately, as I progress towards my NF goal, it seems I am losing ground in other areas of my life. Not sure how true this is, but this it how it seems to me.

    So, I am asking all of you how you are managing the 24 hours we all have in a day to get the most out of them. I am also interested in how you get and keep yourselves organized to keep yourself on time. Finally, I would like to know how you keep or regain your focus when things start spiraling out of your control.

    FYI, I am a computer technician of sorts and am at the mercy of the machines. When they need tending to, I have to go. My work days can range anywhere from less than 4 hours to 10-12+ hours in a single day.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

    As Always, All Advice And Comment Are Welcome And Appreciated,

  2. I just started a 5 week meditation course. It quickly helped me focus and quiet my mind. They gave us a visual example. Imagine snow globe. Now shake it violently and look at it. Pretty chaotic. Now watch it for 5 minutes as things settle and become still. The snow/glitter settles, the bubbles dissipate, things are calm. That's what meditation can offer you.

    To stay organized, I LIVE by huge dry erase boards. I use them at my home office and work office. They now make dry erase paint to you can just paint an entire hallway and write on it. Its expensive and can only be used on smooth walls.

    I keep one dry erase board as my DO, DOING, DONE, DELEGATE list and that acts as my master board. Kind of like and air traffic controller for my tasks, ideas, random thoughts, lists since I use multiple boards.

    I always keep 3" x 5" index cards on me as they are cheap and easy to carry for jotting down things or giving away.

    Lastly I use a phone app called "Wunderlist" that syncs up to my computer. I work closely with one other person and she has the same app on her phone. They sync up so if i complete a task, it takes it off her list. Its great and free.

    Hope this helps.
  3. PeetaMellark

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    I only started yesterday or a little longer and it feels like forever... I'm not being productive at work and am thinking a LOT about how I'm NOT supposed to be thinking about porn... I'm doing kundalini yoga and trying to be calm through that. I am spending wasted hours on the computer doing nothing though... I am hoping that will go away soon, and it will be replaced with more activities... I don't know actually... I hope others have some good ideas which is why I clicked on this thread...

  4. krazykhan786

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    I feel the same Bro. Though i have observed a lot of benefits of nofap but i'm convinced that lack of Productivity in work, my lazynes and procrastination and lack of sense of duty (with urgency) is not related to nofap but its kind of a deep down psychological problem I want to overcome. With Nofap way of life, i feel so good...its kind of well being. But to become successful in life its the productivity, excellence in work is that count. For that i have to be a calmed, focussed, go getter and hard working person. But since i'm not that good now, so i get lot of stress in my professional work..which than affect my general well being and saps all the confidence that i get from nofap. :(
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    I take cold showers because that allows me to do things that don't always seem fun at first. By embracing discomfort you begin more focused, motivated and confident. I also exercise alot. After a cold shower+nofap+exercise you feel ready to conquer the world.
    I try my best to avoid facebook and pointless internet browsing.
    I get a lot of sleep.
    I am student so I have to keep up with my readings so I use an agenda.
  6. PeetaMellark

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    Hi and thanks for your tips. I made it today! And now I feel like I can relax, and I've been fighting urges all day... I'm going to try and keep going and just take it one day at a time... Funny... I didn't think I actually had a problem with this but since I've started I realise just how much time I was spending on porn sites and MO'ing... It was a lot... I used to tell myself it was normal and I was staving off depression (which I did read somewhere actually), but now I realise I was stuck in a bit of a cycle... One day at a time...

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    Hello Geyser. Thanks for posting this thread. At the beginning of the year, I wrote down 7 goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. I formulated a detailed plan of how I would carry out each goal. After that, I purchased a weekly planner. At the beginning of each week, I review my 7 goals, and sit down with my planner and write down a few of those goals to work on each day throughout the week. I have been doing this for the past three years and for me, it has proven to be successful as long as I remain disciplined and focused! Good Luck!
  8. I really like what jazz said. To keep track of everything on a daily basis without getting overwhelmed - not just work but all aspects of life - most practical and effective system I've been using for years is David Allen's Getting Things Done + installing a related phone app like Things.
  9. PepitoGrillo

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    This is quite an interesting thread. I've read through it and googled a couple of terms and it seems there are two methods for personal/professional organisation out there that seem to be the best known: First Things First (FTF) by Stephen R. Covey, and Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. I'm getting their books ans see which one works better for me.
    Until now, I've been managing my time in two ways: for every professional project (as a web developer), I use Trello, a tool that helps me categorize each task, give deadlines, and comment anything with other developers in the same project; for my personal objectives I have a small notebook I take everywhere with me, where I note everything I have to do, so a kind of a huge TODO list.
    However, I'm looking for something richer than a notebook, or a richer method. I have ideas everyday about many different things, and I know some of them I can do them next week and others I will have to wait probably several months. I'll try FTF and GTD and see how it goes.
    Thanks guys! ;)
  10. Geyser

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    Thanks for the input everybody. Glad to see this thread is getting some more activity. I think it is an area of life worth pursuing. Something I desperately need to work on if I wish to improve my life.

    Thanks again,


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