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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by fellow, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. fellow

    fellow Fapstronaut

    Good afternoon, fellas!

    I'm a married professional dude with kids in my late 30s looking for other dudes so that we can serve as APs for each other. I've had some pretty good success here. In particular, I tend to try and work on developing long term friendships with the dudes I become APs with and not to just talk PMO but about other stuff too as it comes up.

    Ideally, an AP would be able to connect daily (multiple times a day) through Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord, or KIK and not hesitate to kind of get to the nitty gritty of our lives and struggles with PMO. I am not one of those dudes that will ghost you just because you messed up nor will I ever be judgmental about it. I like openness and honesty and will treat you with the same courtesy.

    As far as other stuff I am fit, hit gym daily, and am working to get better at more trad hobbies like hunting/fishing, handyman projects and other stuff like that. That being said I read, like math, and politics/religion, too.

    Your religious faith and sexual orientation do not matter to me. Just looking for fellow high drive guys to work with. I say "high drive" because I believe our sex drives can be successfully pointed toward positive pro-social things and work toward doing that.

    Definitely a young dad here.

    WOODROW Fapstronaut

    I am a single guy, never married. You have your hands full....kids must be fun...you are blessed. I like my solitude and quiet.
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  3. AptDude

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    I can definitely share your views in shifting our sexual drive to serve higher purposes.

    I am not in my late 30s however, only 25 and do not have kids or even a partner for that matter. I am working on that, as well as other stuff such as my career, developing more meaningful friendships and learning as much as I can (I love math, music and philosophy) and I'd love to meet people who are accountable and motivated in their lives.
  4. Hi guys, I like what I read up there and am definitely interested in reaching out more and learning to express myself freely, whether about PMO or other more interesting worldly matters. I say 'more interesting', as I've been dealing with this PMo crap for a good few decades and it's getting boring. Really boring. So much so I'm deciding to finally take it on and show who's boss.

    No great expectations...those tend not to work. They only raise stakes ina game a lot of people are still learning to play, so when you loose, it can feel like you've lost the world, as you've invested so damn much in winning in the first place.

    My principle goal is to just be gentle with myself. Allow myself to fail and let my higher self be my true guide.

    I'm also interested in whatsapp or Telegram, so let me know how things develop As far as connecting multiple times daily, I suppose sometimes I might, but I'd try not to as I've so much I need to focus on.

    Thanks for reaching out!
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  5. Deysonn

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    Hi Guys, I have an accountability group going on discord if you are interested. We chat a bit during the day but we primarily have a meeting on Saturdays at 11AM Atlantic time. We normally review a video or topic and have open discussion. It may be on PMO or any other area we find topical at the time. It is just four of us right now.

    We use discord because most persons prefer some level of anonymity and it is a pretty okay platform to host virtual meetings. If you are interested you can PM me you discord details and we will add you to the group.

    Please note the key goal of the group is accountability and self improvement. Respect for each other is vital and we encourage open thought. We are trying to foster a safe space where men can speak freely.
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  6. Peiskos

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    Hello, glad to hear you’re doing well, I went through a difficult journey of recovery myself and I’m nearing my 30’s. it’s great to hear you’ve got a wife and children. You can message me here anytime it’s nice to be able to talk with guys who have went through the same thing, it helps us hold each other accountable.
  7. Mr.Tony

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    Hello my friend, It's really good that you have a Family of your own.

    I'm 27 years old almost 30, And i've lost all my family members - My Father us gone 2 months ago, and my mother too.

    I feel lonely in a strange world...

    I've had two choices either choose death or choose achieving the perfect version of the life you wanna live!

    At the end - Death is the final outcome, so i would choose fighting for a better future instead. By doing so i will enjoy the life as if it is a Movie.

    I'm looking for a Great Friendship that will helps all rise! And it must be far beyond friendship - something similar to a brotherly brotherhood.

    Welcome my friend, Consider that you have a brother from now on.
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  8. magicturtle

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    Hey there @fellow

    I like what you've posited about "high-drive"; that's a pretty neat idea that you can point it toward something constructive. I'm new to NoFap and looking for an accountability partner or group. I don't have kids yet, but they're on the horizon for my wife and me. Married for 6 years, still struggling with lust and pornography, but I'm hoping that with some accountability and seeking community, that I'll be more successful trying to live without lust.

    If you want to meet up, let me know. Also, @Deysonn , your group sounds pretty awesome. I'm open to anything accountability-wise.

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  9. fellow

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  10. Deysonn

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  11. magicturtle

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    @Deysonn I'm down. Just linked up with @fellow on telegram, but glad to do whatever.
  12. Deysonn

    Deysonn Fapstronaut

    The more the merrier. More persons to offer support.
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  13. pornlessgeneral

    pornlessgeneral Fapstronaut

    Hello guys,

    I am so grateful for the existence of this forum. It's so different from 99% of other forums, which are very toxic and inhumane.
    It makes people connect to each other, develop, become more mature in life and even make friendships. Right now, I have just one friend in my life, a woman. So after discovering that I've become too obsessed with this only friend and also seeing my life getting worse thanks to pornography I decided to return on noFap. This is my first day without porn after a long time and I already feel much better. I look forward to making more friends.
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  14. luckydog

    luckydog Fapstronaut

    Hi @fellow thanks for your note. Fellow 'high-drive' person here, you can check out my journal if you'd like to learn a bit more about me.

    Anyway, would be up for your 11am Saturday discord sessions - am learning a ton about my own porn and masturbation addiction, after a 40+ year relationship with pornography you can say I'm somewhat an expert on how impossible it is to leave this habit without outside help, especially with help of my spouse of 20+ years. Feel free to send a PM (I believe they are called conversations on this platform).

    Also, are you familiar with Napoleon Hill's chapter 11 (or chapter 12 depending on the version) of Think and Grow Rich? All about sexual transmutation, what a powerful idea, that I am seeing applied every day now. Becoming porn-free, having accountability partners to share every day and to talk about other stuff, talking regularly with my spouse about how I am doing with my PMO addiction, has released a torrent of creative energy in my work, in my personal life, and in my goal-setting. It's like the brakes have been released.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers luckydog
  15. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Good looking out sir!
  16. Nucleus

    Nucleus Fapstronaut

    Telegram group sounds very good. Are you still doing it?

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