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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Eddywordz, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Eddywordz

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    Hey everyone! I’m looking for some beginner meditation techniques to overcome severe sexual performance anxiety. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  2. Gratefulforchange

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    Thich Nhat Hanh wrote the first book I ever read on meditation. Peace is ever step is the name of this very small, easy read. It is still one of my favorite little books.
    He encourages us to come back to our breath while doing simple tasks. Practice smiling and breathing while driving to work. We first learn to be present during simple tasks, we can then learn to relax and be present enough for meditation.

    Meditation has many benefits, and I encourage you to find your own path! Good luck traveler!
  3. drac16

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    Aromatherapy can assist you in meditation. It helps you achieve peace of mind. I prefer Frankincense or Lavender incense sticks, from the brand HEM. Satya is a good brand, too. It's not necessary to use aromatherapy, but it's my personal preference. If you are going to use incense, make sure you open a window nearby in order to let the smoke escape. Otherwise, the smoke will irritate your eyes.

    To start, sit down and take slow deep breaths. Try to visualize your negative energy coming out from your chest and ejecting out of your body (through the crown of your head). While doing this, say a prayer if you want. That's not absolutely necessary, though. If you can control your breathing, you can control your mind to a certain extent. When you focus on breathing and ejecting your negative energy, stress will slowly dissipate. It has helped me many times.

    Let me just finally say that one does not have to be religious to meditate. Anyone can do it and benefit from it.
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  4. Nicko Stretch

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    Metta is good to help with self compassion and acceptance which may help with anxiety.It is just a simple non religious 'prayer' that you repeat to yourself while meditating. I use a basic mindfulness technique which involves following the breath while imagining the word calm on the inbreath and relax on the out breath. When i find my mind wondering I smile, acknowledge the thought, and return to my breath. Incorporating Metta I replace calm and relax with a line from the metta prayer. Give it a go, it may feel weird to begin with so try and have an open mind. It may work for you or it may not.
  5. Eddywordz

    Eddywordz Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much everyone! I’m going to try these breathing and mindfulness techniques today
  6. lolos

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    Just posted this on another thread:
    Mindfulness will just come with time and practice. I think you should meditate at least twice a day, once in the morning once before bed for 10 minutes each. Once you have that consistently try 15 minutes then 20.

    Try different meditation techniques. I'm not talking crazy techniques, just tweak things slightly. Try meditating in different positions around your house. Try sitting up super straight or try letting your body relax and slouching. Try focusing completely on your breath, or focus completely on the sensations throughout your whole body, or focus on your surroundings, your room, your house, and how you are positioned in relation to those (this is a weird one, you can sometimes feel like you become one with your surroundings and watch yourself from a third person perspective, it is probably one of my favourite methods). The headspace app has a basics course which is awesome if you want to try guided meditation.

    Once you have meditated consistently for a while the next few things I am going to mention will be a lot easier.

    You don't have to be meditating to practice mindfulness. Whenever you are doing something, try and become very aware of one specific thing. When I used to drive I would become very aware of how my car was positioned inbetween the lanes and I would try to get it perfectly in the centre, or I would becomre aware of how the wheels of the car react to me turning the wheel. You know when you were a kid and everything seemed new and exciting, then after a while you just got used to it and blocked it out? Try and rediscover all of those little things. On your commute (if you commute) notice different things about the houses, what kind of trees there are, the cracks in the road. If you are sitting bored somewhere try and become very aware of how a specific part of your body feels, like the your hands resting on your lap, or your legs on the seat, or a bit of hair on your face.

    Next try to become aware of your thoughts. When your mind is racing, step out and observe your thoughts. Don't engage with them or judge them, don't even think any of them are true, just observe. The headspace meditations are really good for this. Also become aware of your feelings. Stop throughout the day to ask yourself 'How am I feeling right now? Sad? Hungry? Tired? Excited?'. Once you can do this you will be able to correlate your thought patterns and your emotions, which is one of the most helpful aspects of meditation. You will realise you don't really believe what you are thinking, you are only thinking that way because you feel a certain way.

    That's all I can think of. You could try reading the power of now, the dude is on some weird shit, but if you don't take everything he says literally there is some very useful stuff in there. Godspeed brother!
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  7. Wannabesaint2

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    The best meditation/prayer can only be Salah in a mosque
  8. Milhouse Van Houten

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    Best form of meditation is prayer, in regular meditation you are faced with your own mind which is limited - With prayer you are communicating with and depending on someone who is unlimited in his knowledge, power, presence and justice.
  9. Dadaras

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    Jesus will heal u bro, he healed me, now I’m free from Addictions I struggle with for years, give God a chance and he won’t fail, just find times to pray, read the bible and meditate on it, God bless you
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