Looking for serious AP mutually striving towards Karezza and semen retention

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm a 28 year old gay male in pursuit of quitting porn and internet addiction. I know I'm capable of leaving this behind. But what comes at the end of 90 days? I need a positive vision of what my life will be without addiction. I know that some rebooters feel perfectly happy at the end of 90 days to start a lifestyle of normal casual ejaculatory sex, but knowing myself, even ejaculatory sex can cause dopaminergic mood swings and cravings for huge blasts of dopamine. Casual sex can also can feel like a similarly addictive and self defeating behavior in terms of how it drains energy and fires up circuits of pleasure-seeking. It can make it hard to connect with someone on a deeper and long term level.

    So my ultimate goal is a long term relationship where we mutually don't orgasm, masturbate or ejaculate, and enjoy a lifestyle of semen retention together, where we can feel fully charged up, creatively abundant and healthy, mentally clear, and confident permanently. Either through replacing sex with karezza or cuddling-based intimacy.

    It would be fantastic to find someone who has the same goals so we could support and encourage each other in pursuit of our dreams.

    Since I'm going through a digital detox and I see screen-time as a detractor from my sobriety, it would be great to connect with someone who similarly prefers voice conversation instead of through messages.
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    Hi. Check out this website: ... does his description coincide with your goals? If so, I could be interested in talking. I attempted it (tantric sex) two weekends ago with my partner, but sadly, didn't do it properly, so I updated the "O" portion of my signature to reflect the change.

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