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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by thissucksim24, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm semi-new to all of this, and currently on day 18 of hardmode. One of my goals to be achieved alongside nofap is to become more physically fit. I am just way too skinny. I eat quite a lot, and rather healthily, but I just can't seem to gain any weight. I'm 24, and 5'8" at 134 lbs. I've seen some people on here talking about gaining muscle simply from nofap, which is excellent, but I'd like to make more of a conscience effort (i.e. going to the gym, eating properly, etc.)

    Has any one on these boards had a similar goal and achieved it? I'm not looking to gain tons of weight, just looking to bulk up in a healthy manner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. probably a stupid, and unrelated question better suited for another board but, what exactly is edging? I've been seeing that term tossed around quite a bit and, being the new guy, I'm a bit confused as to what exactly is is.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. projectexperiment

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    Stopping fapping won't help you gain muscle, but it will give you the motivation to improve yourself. Naturally your body will see you're not "getting any" when you stop fapping, and it will give you an initial testosterone boost after a week, and your dopamine levels will taper off to where you will feel good about everyday accomplishments like cleaning your house and doing the laundry (at least I got that). So the next step is to start working out and taking walks if you want to be more attractive to women and feel better about yourself.

    If you want to skip injuries and embarassing gym accidents I would recommend you get a personal trainer to teach you the basic weightlifting movements (flat bench, squat, deadlift and power clean) so you can start working out on your own. Fix any mobility issues you might have gotten from inactivity (shoulders, hips and posture) and start hitting the weights and eating clean. Just ask the trainer about clean eating and he will tell you unless he's an incompetent ass. The forums here are good but not everyone is a gym rat.

    I can tell you I have gotten back into the gym since the New Years and I haven't felt this good in a while. Fapping seems like a waste to me now when I can store all that spunk and "turn it into muscle" so to speak, and I think that's what guys mean by getting muscle after quitting fapping. It just gives you motivation and the will to do things differently. Don't stare at the fitness babes at the gym though they like to think they're serious lifters, not just some chick doing ass crunches. Just kidding. Stare all you want and use that horniness to life more weight.
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    Fapping would make imbalance chemical in your nerve system, which would damage your body fitting. Before you do exercise, make sure you never watch sexual or touch sexual or think sexual stuff to prevent lose you nutrition. Even you wouldn't know or believe, fapping would be an "expensive" process for our body, and this is the way to make a birth, so you could image why you came here.
    A lot of actors or actress had mental illness, and the more you watch and imitate, the higher chance you get a mental illness like depression.
    Walk away from sexual stuff like a pastor, Shall God Award you and improve your destiny! Don't get driven by your thoughts, but control them. You are the owner of your thoughts instead of the slave.
  4. Edging is bringing yourself as close to orgasm without ejaculation. Basically it's starving off the "point of no return" for as long as possible. There's a glossary of terms around here somewhere. Good luck and welcome!
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    Hi Thissucksim24!

    I had the same problem as yours. I'm 17 (Soon to turn 18) and my height is exactly like your height. Last year I was 113.5 lbs, which is super skinny. At the start of August, I started to take it seriously; I started making myself food (Before that, I was depended on my mom because I was too lazy to make myself food), and started going to the gym.

    Since then, I gained 12 lbs, and got pretty fit. Joining the gym was one of my best decisions in my life (Note: In my gym I go to Body Pump which is a weight-based group-fitness program). Now I feel great, both the physical and mental way.
    I honestly do not have some great advice but I do recomend to not miss a meal throughout the day, eat big and nice meals and try to skip on the sweets.

    Hopefully this helps, and maybe will give you an idea or two. I wish you the best luck! ;)

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