Looking for US accountability partner/friend, 17-19 year old male

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by IncNTGreat, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Hey all, I'm an 18 year old guy. As I am sure you can tell by the title, I am looking for an accountability partner and potential friend. Oddly enough, I have difficulty making friends with guys, as a guy myself. Most of my best friends have been girls. I am stuck in a terrible position of constant friend zone and no guy friends I can really talk to. I am pretty weird and have a ton of stuff wrong with me... so... if you're down with that... I'd like to talk. Most of my pornography problem stems from loneliness (I lived in a foreign country since I was 11, for 7 years and never learned the language, so I never made friends or talked much to people; needless to say, I hated it).

    I'd like to have daily progress reports and just friendly chats, I want to be very serious about constantly checking in on how we are doing because, all the streaks I've been on have ended due to thinking I'm free when I really am not, and just not being careful. My longest no PMO streak was 3 months. I just relapsed on a 29 day streak :(. I was slowly being chipped away over the last week because I was just sitting around wasting time on my computer watching stupid tv shows. I am not just trying to get over porn, I am trying to build a new way to live. It'd be awesome if someone wanted to do this with me, maybe we could combine what we know and learn from eachother. I have a lot of experience with certain things but a lot of things I have none with.

    Anyway, long story short; I need help, maybe we can help eachother.

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