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    Okay I for some reason have developed this really bad habit and its killing me everytime I try to restart. I keep trying to look for loopholes in my blockers to see if there is the slightest chance that I can watch some good P. As JK Emezi on youtube said You already know when you are going to fail and how you are going to do it. Damn that is me in a nutshell. Obviously I need some stronger blockers which I am working on finding. But is there any advice from fello fappers who have had this sort of an issue.
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    Blockers can only get you so far. Try to invest in yourself. Do you have any hobbies? Try playing video games, going on a walk, going to the gym just do something! It’s real hard sometimes especially at the beginning, but even now for me I’m struggling with this problem, and I’m almost 80 days in. Also, try to learn something. Stopping my PMO habits I’ve been getting really into writing again. Which I haven’t done in a couple of years! Also, your brain will try to trick you into looking up porn, and if that happens just try to do something else. Taking cold showers too really help. You’ll hate yourself for 2 seconds, but after that you feel great! Trust me.

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