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    Hello! I'm new here.
    It has been way too long. I have finally reached my breaking point.
    I have looked at porn over the past couple years. However, I have been free from it for the past 51 days.
    So far, the longest I have been free from masturbation was 10 days while I was on vacation. I will be starting this journey of a 90-day Hard Mode reboot, and am excited to be surrounded with a community this time.
    I am embarking on this journey mostly for my faith as a Christian, because PMO has significantly weakened my relationship with God. I have also wasted so much time with these activities in the past. Additionally, I don't want anymore guilt and shame in my life.

    I speak English and German.
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  2. For Homeland!!

    For Homeland!! Fapstronaut

    Welcome mate!Good luck reaching 90 days :)
  3. Whoa, 51 days that’s amazing! Welcome!
  4. This thread is from last year.
  5. Lmao I’m slow af
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  6. Nah. Another person posted here too...but instead of owning it they just deleted their post.
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