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    I thought I’d tell you guys some information that could really help you, especially the people on here that are insecure about their looks.

    I will just briefly summarise this stuff and if you are interested you can research it: theres loads of available information on YouTube and Looksmaxing forums.

    First of all is ‘Mewing’ - Tongue Posture.

    Mewing is basically having your tongue on the roof of your mouth 24/7 unless you are eating or talking. It basically makes you get a better facial structure and straightens your teeth.
    It’s the natural posture for the tongue, but because of modern influences we have started to mouth breathe and have bad posture, inturn causing faces to grow narrow and long rather than wide and forward. After doing it for months, your whole face will improve, stronger sharper jawline, better maxilla, cheekbones etc.

    If you are interested and want to know more, Search on YouTube: Mewing or Orthotropics.

    There are loads of other things you can do to looksmax too, like skincare, subliminals, Water filters, as chemicals in our water like Fluoride or Atrozine make us more feminine and ruin our skin and health, etc.
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    I cannot mew as my jaw is crooked, but thanks for the advice.
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    I mew anyway. If it's cope, I've lost nothing, if it works, I gain an increase in my attractiveness.

    Lol @ subliminals

    Everything else is decent
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    I think grooming (esp a great hair cut), being clean (nice cologne not too strong) and a good dress sense are the most important things for a man. Makes you seem successful, masculine and in control of yourself.
    Close second is a good physique - don't neglect your diet and exercise regime, and try some yoga/Pilates too to improve your posture.

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