Loose erection when putting a condom

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Second_chance, May 24, 2017.

  1. Second_chance

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    Im really glad things are starting to working out for you Jak, keep making the good things happen! :) and stay in touch!
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  2. MarinoBigFan1984

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    You seem to be healing nicely. Keep it up.
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  3. Andante

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    First you have to stop porn and masturbating, COMPLETELY. This way you will start to appreciate your wifes/gfs body. The important thing here is to be really turned on with her, because when you are really sensitive and turned on, possible stress will not get you down. Theres always stress, to EVERYONE, its human nature. When you put a condom on and lose a bit your erection dont panic, so what
    ?! Forget about it and continue kissing/playing etc. Its all about being smooth and confident. Eventually you will be able to penetrate her. If you do this everyday you will start not to have any stress when putting on the condom! Love and respect yourself this is very important. You are not trying to impress her only to share some beautiful moments.
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  4. noonoon

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    Think of it this way: if you stuff yourself with mcdonalds hamburgers will a steak afterwards still look good?
    Porn is trash. When we fill ourselves with this revolting sex substitute, real sex no longer has the appeal.
    Stop consuming trash and the real stuff will regain it's natural appeal.
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  5. Second_chance

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    I couldnt be more agree with you @noonoon last night i was able to have sex with a condom! i was so happy afterwards, like i couldnt believe it. Now I understand better what was happening to me. By watching porn i crippled myself when i had to perform. Since I constantly had thoughts of porn images and i couldnt focus and feel pleasure for myself. It's like you say trying to eat steak after eating mc donalds. You wont have that fierce appetite.

    The other thing that was holding me back was not trusting in my partner. Speaking about my issues (i never told her i have an addiction to porn, but i told her what worries me when we had sex). So i would mainly start there, try to communicate as best as you can with your partner, if she is supporting and caring about you she will understand and you will feel more connected to her.

    To summarize guys, if you have a partner don't watch porn, you are sabotaging yourself. And second, to overcome this you have speak openly about what worries you to your partner, i can assure you it will lift an enormous weight from your shoulders.
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  6. I agree with other posts about porn and its effects, especially about not able to get hard when having sex.

    For me though, I always lose my hard on with a condom. I have a sensitivity issue. I seem to lose all dick sensitivity with a condom, no matter how thin. No problem when going bareback.
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  7. JakReloaded

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    @Second_chance I'm happy to hear it worked out for you as well, we also managed to do it, the first time was still very awkward, since I felt like I might lose my erection any second and just wanted to get it over with. I felt really really bad afterwards. But again, talking saved the day xD
    A couple of days later we did it again and I felt a lot more confident. It went really well I have to say :D
    But I still feel like I also have sensitivity issues like @Spot618 because I didn't really feel that much. Which just ment I lasted longer in this case, but I'm still hoping for improvement.
    Still going strong by the way, day 55 and counting. Well not really, I had to look it up on my counter, in the past two weeks I rarely felt the need :)
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  8. Knarendra

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    Guys i had wet dreams are they any sign of recovery process
  9. Gewinner98

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    Man, I ve just read your thread and I m so happy for you! Not being able to hold my erection for putting a condom on is an issue in my life, thus I was n t able to perform with si many girls(only with the ones, who accepted sex without condom)
    And as for me, victory in this game means sex with a condom on. So thanks a lot for inspiration!
  10. Gewinner98

    Gewinner98 Fapstronaut

    I also thought I have a sensitivity issue, but when I tried to masturbate to porn with a condom, i finally understood I don t. It s just you need to be really aroused to be able putting on a condom and hold your erection for 1-2 min while doing this. As for "bareback" you can be like 60% eroused and you ll still be able to penetrate.
  11. Thanks Gerwinner. Maybe you're right about getting fully aroused before putting in the raincoat. More foreplay !!!
  12. hey guys so i am new here... and i actually all the above comments
    that actually happened to me too that too twice now and it sucks
    im like super hard when she is blowing me and now i figured that is just an issue of performance anxiety in thinking i'll cum too fast in foreplay itself so try to put on the condom im not actually fully hard and that further decreases confidence
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  13. You can try different condoms - I have the same issue - I have performance anxiety and sensitivity issues. Try a bunch of different brands and sizes. The Kimono line is very thin as are some others. I do think though that it becomes a non issue the further way you are from P & M. That said - some condoms just don't help the process.
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  14. UKSD

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    Definitely! I've had the same problem as OP and found that Skyn condoms are really nice. Haven't been able to try them properly yet but they feel good when they're on. I'm slightly wider in girth than most condoms and their large range fits me perfectly.
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  15. yeah same issue... i recently actually discovered so many things about my own dick that now i think not being totally hard first was the issue and then just giving up the first time it happened adds to it.
  16. yeah i know... i have bunch of ideas what to try..let's see the next time we try to do that it should work..
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  17. Mr.Hopefull

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    I had this problem few time. Whenever i did put on the condum and try to penetrate, my D got soft and sleepy... this made me so frustrated and stressed about my situation. No i am on NoFap and 10 days streak going good.... hope i get over this issue. I want my normal and powerfull bonner back.
  18. i know mate.. i have pinpointed mine to performance anxiety plus im doing this to gain more so let's see how it works out. keep posting updates
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  19. Scared Human

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    This is the best post imo.

    Yes, you're going to be nervous, but that shouldn't triumph your libido. I feel like jerking off to porn weakens that and it plays a big role in ED/PIED.
  20. so just to keep the thread updated...
    So after the incident today i tried to do that by myself alone for the first time...and the start was the same i got hard and then tried to put it on while doing that got soft mainly because of the struggle cause it was tight.
    so then i finally manage to get it n was going soft so i decided to get hard again with it on.. and i used lube for that ( water based is the best ) and successful got my rock hard erection with a condom on. ( i was so happy that got more hard once i started to get hard ) lol.
    this was just the first time today with practice m confident it's gonna be a smooth ride...try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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