Loose erection when putting a condom

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  1. Condoms are ruing my sex life. Now that we've had our kids I've went from having 14ish years of bareback sex with my wife to using condoms again as she has stopped using the pill. They feel awful and I lost my hardon a few times when putting them on. When it happens once it builds up in your head and further affects the next time. I found if I had to have a few drinks to relax first and then get super horny and rock hard its not an issue. I think it has a lot to do with the timing of when it goes on. I also started to use durex lube which makes things feel a lot better. That said from a sensitivity point of view, evening using 'durex thin feel' is spent about 20 mins trying hard to cum.
    Is the snip the only other option? I don't want that.
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    My condom broke while I was inside her and I cummed inside her. She wasn’t on the pill so we both freaked out about a possible pregnancy but luckily she didn’t. I agree that if she’s on the pill, I wouldn’t have freaked out
  3. congrats mate! happy 4 ur recovery
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    Second_Chance first of all congrats on your journey! I've Just went through this exact problem yesterday and decided to join nofap today on a PM reboot. I haven't discussed this with my girl bc we've only dated 3 times and this last one left me really embarassed

    I tried to open your link but couldn't do it, could you Tell us what book did you mean?

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