Loosing virginity at 35 years old. Now had over 40+ girls

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    This is a big story and nofap website helped immensely.

    When I was 19 years I was normally functioning sexually with occasional masturbation but was a regular teen. I had a girlfriend but she was a virgin and didn't want to have sex just yet.

    Then I went to study to a different country. While there I had a big family duty to put all my efforts into books and be at the top of the class. I decided to phase out dating completely for 3 years because I was studying 12 hours a day everyday. I did replace dating with porn and masturbation for 3-4 times a day.

    That unknowingly screwed me up for over a decade.

    Once I graduated and got a job and I started dating a very nice girl.
    She had more experience and I decided to hire a prostitue to loose my virginity so I wouldn't look too bad in bed. And guess what. I couldn't get it up with the prostitute.
    So I decided "Ok, let's just try it with my girlfriend" And guess what. I was completely limp. Obviously, first night anxiety didn't help. But we tried few more times and I was never hard with her.

    Meanwhile I had no problem masturbating and in fact I thought that I should have masturbated and edged more to be more performant. Because I had no clue how to solve it.

    That relationship didn't work out. My girl didn't want an impotent in bed. Again I tried few call-girls in the next couple years. It never worked out.

    Fast forward when I was 27 in Shanghai. I got drunk with my friends and they decided to go to brothel. This time with me being more relaxed and slightly drunk I did manage to have sex for like 10 minutes before going limp. But that was an immense breakthrough.
    It gave me hope that I wasn't an impotent which at the time I pretty much convinced myself.

    So I figured I can do something in bed if I'm relaxed and don't have anxiety. Later I tried to date again and again was pretty soft in bed. But went to a brothels and was doing ok there.
    But mind you. I desentivised myself so much that I hardly felt anything during intercourse and I was never able to finish, not even close.

    Around 30 years old I moved to South East Asia (SEA) since I became a successfull professional working remotely and there was no point to pay premium for expensive Western country with honestly non-existent dating scene.

    Also at the same time I found out about nofap website and started practicing. The longest stint was 3 months. I would relapse here and there but I definitely improved. I'm not really a porn addict but I was a masturbation addict for sure. I haven't really watched porn in 10 years.

    At this time I started to have sex with a lot of girls. It was 50/50 girls from online dating or from brothels. Of course always used condom and I was never able to come. But I had another breakthrough when I got a handjob from a girl and she managed to finish me. That was huge actually. Again this is where NoFap helped a lot.

    This dating experience made me way more confident in bed. While I couldn't finish myself I could last for hours in bed and that made some girls very happy.

    Fast forward few years (covid was a gap period) I finally had a more permanent sex partner where we decided to go without condom. And this is when I finally first time in my life finished with my partner at 35 years old. That felt unbelievable after 16 years of trying. I consider this is really when I lost my virginity.

    I always wanted to write a success story here and not about some 30 day NoFap challenge it's next to irrelevant in a span of life. I hope you find my story helpful.

    Btw if you are an average guy from a developed country I highly recommend to go to developing world to find your girl. Believe me there you won't need to watch any porn movie you'll live inside one. Some remote job with 1.2-2k usd in income is a prerequisuite though.
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    Great stuff. Well done for never giving up!
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    What country do you recommend?

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