Lose my sex drive and relpase becus of this

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by qwaiz, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. qwaiz

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    I always have been horny I'm on day 50+ of nofap and I suddenly lose my sex drive
    this scared me a lot so i just watch porn today 1 time to check if i get orgasm
    and get slim to none orgasm and cum in force after like 30 minutes of trying!

    wtf happen to me? i read that i need to take dompaine angoinst for sexual anhaondia?
  2. Main problem is Sh*t porn.So dont watch it at any cost.I am sure if u can quit sh*t porn then you can easily quit masturbation.Goodluck
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  3. hairlesschewbacca

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    This is suppose to happen. Do not watch porn at all. Your junk still works. It’s your brain that needs healing. The dopamine gets shut off and then reboots.
  4. Stug

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    Maybe you should try a normal relationship.
    Porn is boring lets be honest...its all the same.cuckholding garbage

    Only reason people watch it is because of childhood brainwashing or too much stress accompanied by boredom. Usually athletes who get severe injuries watch porn and use drugs, theg are used too high stimulating enviroments and can't handle boredom.

    Who cares about sex drive..mine is high becausre of elevated growth hormone but if i could chose i would chose having no sex drive

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