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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by LonelybutWorthy, Jun 2, 2019.

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    Hello I am a Heterosexual male and
    I’m am Sad to say I am a porn addict
    I’ve been watching porn since I was 12 years old and Haven’t Stop since I’m 20 Now and I am finally realizing that I have been losing control of my social life.
    I have isolated myself from friends I dread going out in public and often cut corners short while dealing with females
    I am Approached by a lot of females and they have a lot of interest but I don’t have interest in talking to them about anything more than sex and don’t feel like it’s a reason too. When I was 17 I was in a Relationship with a female who I thought was the “one” for me but the relationship came to a crashing end when I contracted Gonorrhea from her and she cheated on me sad to say I was destroyed inside she Moved on with the guy And I hated my life I felt so betrayed I never told anyone other than my mother and Don’t have a real connection with father so I watched porn to ease my pain I guess you can say some days I’m upbeat but some days I feel like I hate women And there too confusing I read a lot of Zodiac and Astrology and it gives me satisfying answers but I still am not satisfied with life I don’t like to talk about my problems with friends because I feel like I’ll be judged or looked at as weak or Insecure i am confident in my looks But I feel weird or Dumb when I’m in public it’s like I can hear what people are saying even when they say nothing somebody please help
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    It's an excellent idea to dive in and start encouraging other people on their journey. I think you will find it will help you more than anything! Welcome, and don't give up! You can also start a reboot log: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php#reboot-logs.8
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    Heya friend. Welcome to the website. It's good that you have taken this step to reach out and take back control of your situation. First of all I would like to say that please don't hate women. I understand that this is something that has arisen from the trauma you suffered with your ex-girlfriend. But don't judge the entire sex based on this one encounter. Also, Astrology is a bunch of superstitious nonsense, so I would avoid that if I were you.

    First look at the positives. You are content with how you look physically. That's a good thing and something that you have which many people don't. You also attract attention from women, this is something certain people go their whole life without. Third, you are really young, only 20. You have so much of life still ahead of you. But it's good that you're not wasting your potential and have instead decided to deal with these things right away.

    One day, one step at the time.

    Welcome to NoFap.

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