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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by bobesin, May 23, 2021.

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    Hi guys, first off I want to say that I respect this hustle that you're doing it's really like a internet rehab place. I'm currently in a 5 day streak (6th day currently), the urges are here but I'm staying strong. 5 days ago I saw some nofap videos on youtube and I was completely sold on the idea, I mean who doesn't want any kind of help/boost to better themselves really. So the thing is, I saw this video from a dude named "aanghel". Basically what this dude is saying that all the benefits that people preach NoFap holds is all in our heads. They don't really exist, it's a placebo effect that we are so sold to the idea so the brain is trying to convince itself and us that those benefits are actually true. I mean yeah, nofap definitely teaches you self discipline and fixes the whole "not getting hard with a girl irl" thing, other than that, all that female attraction, less social anxiety, overall big D energy is all in our heads. Hearing that I lost most of my motivation, I don't plan on quitting just yet but I feel like all these other videos that preach these benefits are constructed in a way to lure guys in the nofap thing. I absolutely mean no disrespect in any way with this so please don't take offense in these things, I'm just saying my opinion and that my motivation is fading after that video. Can someone clear this up somehow?

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