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    I have already an education (3 years). But last summer I started on an other education, because I wanted an education that involved working with people more then the other one. (I can combine them later in some areas).

    But now I am currently struggeling to decide if I want to keep going the education I am going (2 more years), or go back to the old one, and get a master degree.

    Now regarding the dating; After I moved to an other town (where I live now), my social life have become so much better! I will really miss the new people I have meet here.

    One week ago I was a party at my friends house (and two girls from my class was there). It was a great party, and I started to talk a lot with one of the girls in my class. (We have actually talked a lot before too at parties, but not too much at school), but a lot more at this party. Now, I know she have liked me on tinder - and I don't know if she have done it just because it is like a "friendly joke" since we are in the same class, or if it is because shes intrested in me.

    At the same time, I really want to get to know her better. Now, back the what I started with, I may move this summer (I don't know yet), since I may end up taking the master degree, and leave the town I live in now. So I don't want to take any action towards her (or any other girl), now that I am currently unsure. What if one of us (or both) gets feelings for the other one? I don't want to hurt her feelings. She deserves better.

    At the same time, I am scared that she may lose intrest, if I don't do anything anytime soon. What if I stay, and she loses interest? Should I just tell her how it is? That I don't know, but I still want to see her? Even tho thats an option, I may hurt her or myself. This is almost the same thing I went trough a year ago, and it almost broke me (that time we ended it, since both moved - but we had started to get serious too).

    Any tips?

    Also hate the idea of having to say goodbye to all the nice people I'v meet the last year. Earlier in my life I have struggeled with getting to know new people, but these people have been great! Afraid whats going to happen with my social life if I move.
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  2. Yeah, it can definitely be hard to leave behind a life that you've put a lot of effort into and that's made you happy (my grad school is a couple thousand miles away from where I spent the first 23 years of my life). But know that if you've built a good social life for yourself where you currently are, then you can do it again in a new place. There are cool people wherever you go! Regarding this girl you like, you can always just ask her on a date. Going on a date with someone doesn't commit you in any way towards that person, so if you end up moving away after having been on a date with her, you won't be breaking any promises.

    It may hurt to start to get to know her, then move away. Not knowing you, I can't really say if the enjoyment you'll get from getting to know her better will be worth the pain of possibly moving away, but my generic advice would be to go for it. You don't really lose anything if she turns you down but you might gain something if she says yes.

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