Losing the benefits of sexual transmutation through hook ups

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    Hey everyone,

    So, I recently reset after the longest streak of my life without PM. I feel that I truly did feel the benefit of increased attraction from girls. I don't think that this was a direct result of NoFap, but rather a result of using my sexual energy for self improvement. During my streak I was actually doing productive things, things that PMO has caused me to avoid for a long time. It made me feel powerful, productive, manly, and confident. I believe the increased confidence from sexual transmutation is what causes girls to be more attracted to me when I approach them. I love it and the increased confidence with girls is something I want to continue having, but I have some concerns. I think my primal urge to have sex is the underlying reason for approaching girls most of the time. If an interaction were to lead to sex, is it worth it to waste my sexual energy on a random girl that I would likely never see again? Is saving sex for a woman you truly have feelings for the best decision? I'm starting to think that the latter choice is the right one, but the thought of not having sex for whatever amount of time it takes to find the right person is hard to cope with. I want to hook up with girls and have sex to gain more experience and to improve my skills in bed, but at the same time I don't want to lose all the benefits of sexual transmutation.

    Are there any other guys out there with this dilemma? If so, what is your opinion?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Same dilema. I thing I will aply the "golden middle path" ... dont f everything which moves and dont stay in total celibacy in a search for "the one"
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    It doesn't affect a whole lot. I had a wet dream before my hookup and she was willing to have sex with me. As I did my own experimentation, it's honestly your mind that affects the whole situation. I don't really believe this semen retention thing except for maybe better skin, mood, and motivation but it's not bad to have sex. However, you will get emotional after the hookup after a few days hence "losing the benefits" because of your mentality. Honestly, you need a strong mentality and you should know your values in order to have hookups and avoiding the consequences after, like girls will catch feelings for you, you will be an emotional wreck, or stds.
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    If it is not a prostitute, a prostitute-for-free (You understand), or yourself, you shouldn't feel bad about breaking your streak.
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    As long as you do not ejaculate you should lose very little, if at all, of the energy. The most benefit comes from semen retention and not just celibacy. Just learn tantric methods like karezza. Ejaculation is just one tiny part of sex anyways, just few seconds. The most of the fun is process itself. And if you retain semen you can have both - sex and transmutation benefits.

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