losing the same battle..repeating same mistakes.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Pati_ryu, May 2, 2020.

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    although i had minismied p m but still i m relapsing when i am almost in verge of quitting porn and fap. and it causes a crack in my self confidence.
    the pattern is
    1 if i fall asleep in day i will not be able to sleep in night and my brain become dizzy and will seek an escape and idk any escape with dizzy brain so i would search for some naughty things and will fight but will lose battle
    and will relapse within 24 hours.
    2. if i am bored i will not watch any movie i would jus go for p subs and will remind myslef this is wrong but would not hold back for long and again relapse.
    in that time i would not go for some productive or hobby thing. although i am good in writing and drawing and like reading but will become a lusty demon after midnight with fragile willpower.
  2. So unfortunately, for the most part, this boils down to self discipline. How badly do you want sexual sobriety for yourself? I recommend getting some real accountability...someone who will ask you the tough questions everyday. (Someone who you can ask those same questions to as well.) We addicts, as read about in the white book in the 12 step SA program, admit we are powerless against lust. And this definitely sounds like the case for you. There isn't going to be any pill you can take to cure you, or anything that easy. Its an addiction, which means there's no easy way out. To beat it is going to take a LOT of effort, discipline, and work, but it CAN be done. Just not easily, and definitely not quickly.

    Best of luck!
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    This inspired me, since im on the verge of relapsing..
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  5. Well it absolutely applies to you too, my friend. I don't believe there is anyone who cannot beat this thing with enough hard work and effort! You CAN do it! The only question is: Do you want to beat it badly enough to work for the win?

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