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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by thetrueman, May 29, 2018.

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    Hello all

    I started Nofap a couple months back. I wanted to leave my masturbation/orgasm/porn (whatever they are all the same thing) behind. It was easy at first but now its just impossible to do. I have binged twice and whenever I get back up, im always at square one. what do you guys suggest?????I dont wanna live like this, im just tired. I never posted my fetish before but I will now because I wanna be as honest as possible. I suffer from a severe foot fetish. Im tired of getting urges when I look at any foot (except a guy's). It doesnt matter whose foot it is, I just get distracted all the time. I have had so many break downs very similiar to the one you see in the link below. I NEED HELP. IF ANY OF YOU GUYS ARE DOING GOOD IN YOUR NoFap JOURNEY i guess you could use my post as motivation to see what a failure looks like, i believe it will motivate you.

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    At the beginning you are very motivated and then you lose focus over time? If you have time to fap, then you certainly have time to write something in your journal. Your journal will keep you focussed.

    I cannot help you with you fetish. Feet can be interesting under some circumstances, but I am not easiliy distracted by them.

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