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    Hi Everyone,

    i have just found out about bf's porn addiction. after many years together, he confessed. i am hurt, ashamed and humiliated. All these years i thought it was my fault, i was not good enough when things did not work. I am so angry, cannot stop my tears. I know its an addiction and i know its not my fault, but i feel so stupid for not realizing it earlier. I do not know what to do. It impacted our relationship, and my self esteem big time. I love him, but i am not willing to put up with this. I dont want to end our relationship, but i need to give an ultimatitum, either me or the porn. It is so heart breaking, such a lonely experience. damn porn industry, damn it all.
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    It was a similar ultimatum from my wife that finally gave me the resolve I needed to quit porn. After that it took me years of relapsing before I got to where I am now, 786 days free of porn use. You are in the right place, there are lots of wives and girlfriends in the same position and they can help you recognise and work through the pain you feel from betrayal. Good luck, you will pull through this to a better place.
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    One other thing. Lots of the time it is great if porn addicts like me post in your threads to share our experience and offer our perspective. But sometimes you might want to share things just to other wives and girlfriends (or husbands and boyfriends) going through the same pain. If you need that there's a closed group here: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?groups/sos-significant-others-support.18/
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