Lost my 61 day streak, in a bad place right now.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Imgonnadothis070, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Imgonnadothis070

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    Hello everyone,
    3 days ago i sadly lost my 61 day streak.
    My mom and dad are on vacation so, i am all alone at home.
    And now that school is over here i was bored and then i slipped.
    I was sad but also happy because i have been masturbating for 5-6 years and i never could go above 2 months.
    But now that i lost my streak it's like i'm going insane.
    My brain keeps telling me that i should just fap now that i already lost my streak. Because of this i'm struggling to go for even a week.
    Do you guys have advice for someone that lost a big streak and lost his speed.
    What did you guys try do different when you sadly lost your streak?
    (I'm going to stop using twitter,reddit and other things. Insta i only use to talk to distant family members.)
    Ty and i hope you guys will succeed too.
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  2. UnitedWeStand

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    Relapsed on day 256 fixing severe pied. Though i ruined all my work all there days. Sex is getting better as it didnt affect me at all. Dont be mad with yourself. Relapse is temporary sad feelings are a loss. As it was mentioned above, make sure not to binge and start over for a better streak. Relapses are a part of this process so accept them and get most out of your relapse, my relapse didnt affect me at all. I introduced cold showers, meditation exercising and diet and erections/libido are getting better and better! Keep moving forward! Fall 7 times rise up 8
  3. Arnuld

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    Be very proud of yourself for making it 60+days. That is a very difficult thing to do. These long streaks definitely change the brain in a positive way even if a relapse occurs eventually. I believe they make it easier to use much less often. They give you confidence that you can stop the behavior. That you have control. But don’t binge. And don’t edge.
  4. Srisurya

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    Ok see say yourself that you relapsed doesn't mean the streak is over. Make animation in your mind a plank balancing on a thin pipe...the one side of the plank is the number of days you did streak and the portion of the plank balancing on pipe is relapse day...so the other half or side is the next streak...now say the nofap streak ends with relapse then the plank won't balance ...but if you think nofap streak is the days you managed to stay away from pmo which include relapse day...the plank has other side weight to keep it balanced.
    So now if you want to stop binge you need to convince your brain just like it convinces you to binge. You convince it with whatever you got...that plank imagination is one example of...try it ...try imagine as many times as possible till it makes sense...the binge path mindset will change. I hope my message is conveyed ...
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  5. Iamdone

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    I don’t have any expert advise except to say that I relapsed after 18 months and it’s been hard to get a streak going again. I must say that life was getting pretty good I learned a lot and even though I have trouble with relapsing I don’t get down on myself and I think that’s the key for most of us. I learned that being overly hard on yourself is a recipe for relapse, it’s what kept me so defeated. Forgive and move forward and if you Have to do it again and again then do it again and again. Just don’t be defeated.
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  6. ahmed_jimmie

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    Just about a month ago i lost my 35-day MO streak coz of severe depression (some depressing shit happened with me). I fapped 9 times in 8 days. I was supposed to start with a hard reset PMO-streak, but i ended up jerking 9 freakin times. Then an assumptive thought crossed my mind. Today, 39 days later, I haven't fapped a single time. Haven't even watched an explicit image let alone a full movie. Wanna know what was that thought? "If I can do 35 days, I can certainly do 36 days." Time flies. 60 days later you'd be cursing yourself for not having started again. So get on to it again, one day at a time and don't forget to enjoy the process.
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  7. Good attitude - congrats on 256
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  8. UnitedWeStand

    UnitedWeStand Fapstronaut

    Thank you, it is easier than i thought at first (even after 3 years of tries up and downs) as i was desperate that this habit would eat me alive.. I suggest to never stop trying and always aim to make next streak a little longer than the previous one and dont binge. Forgive yourself and move forward. At the end we can change our future with our present actions. Past is past and this is how it should remain
  9. Well said. I agree that you should never stop trying and forgive yourself. My last streak was less than 1 day so I think I can do better than that.
  10. UnitedWeStand

    UnitedWeStand Fapstronaut

    Small steps for big victories. Make it 2 days!
  11. Nothing works better than regular check-ins with the NoFap site. That's my experience!

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