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    Hey I don’t know how to start this so whatever

    I’m 22, Male & a student.
    I first discovered/saw porn when I was 8. I didn’t think much of it then, tbh i didn’t really see it again until I was 12/13yrs this is when we started getting cellphones. I only really started. To struggle with watching porn at 15/16yrs I just couldn’t stop watching it, and it felt okay because everyone else was doing it.

    In my final year of highschool I realized I had a problem when I couldn’t masturbate without a visual stimulus. It got worse when I got into Uni because being heart broken all the time and putting your all out there leaves you with a sense of longing and lack of acceptance. And in my darkest days porn was there, it wasn’t only my escape but my enabler to gratify instantly what I wanted, it was my comfort place.

    But I didn’t listen to my elders when they said “porn is destructive” I can honestly say I’ve wasted so much of my life, talent in sports, Time in academics all because of porn. It gives me a sense of security. I’ve always wanted to have sex when I’m married that’s always been me! YES IM THAT GUY! I realized I had to quote this lifestyle because I found myself itching closer & closer to breaking that rule and accepting that maybe I can be a “man *****” it’s okay to make up for lost fun times you didn’t have in school. Deep down in my heart it would break me if that ever happened and I know I’d be addicted to sex. I cannot accept such a path. This is why I need to be free from porn and masturbation and be filled with life again. To truly live out my ambitions and help others who are like me
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    Have you ever considered a 12 step program?
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    I've been to a few 12 step groups. Initially I went for alcohol/drugs but a priest told me to go to one for sex "addiction" later. I'll say that for the most part depending on where you live its the blind leading the blind. I think the medical community is resistant to classifying sexual compulsion as a mental illness bc, it probably ISN'T.

    With that said, we would get into who's to say what defines a mental illness. And if we're not going down the religious road either, we just get into raw practical sense. People will tell you to just change your actions, and then when you don't have an interior change and inevitably fail at your goal of abstinence you'll become ashamed. I think the nice thing about this site is they're not used car salesmen trying to get you an ideology TODAY.

    Think for yourself, take responsibility for yourself, respect yourself and others. These are my "mantras" for lack of better words due to having been actively involved in spirituality, psychology, and religion. Keep up the good work
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