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    Its my 10th month of NoFap, I always used to fall at 90 days but since may of last year everything changed I started dating casually and having sex without ejaculation, I did this until I found a girl I felt in love with.

    I have to say that practising taoist sex no ejaculation and with a person you love everything changes, specially sex, now for the first time in my life I felt love and it was until that moment that my relationship with sex and masturbation changed.

    Now that I broke up with my girlfriend which I still love but now lives in another city, thats the reason we broke up, Im not able to have sex with a person I dont love and several girls have proposed to me having sex but I declined and in my mind I cant even consider watching porn or masturbate because I find the experience so meaningless compared to having sex with someone you love and loves you back.

    I tried NoFap since im thirteen and I did it for 6 months and one time 1.5 years.

    But right now NoFap it just feels natural and not a struggle and ironically it was trough sex, which also I refraimed mysefl out of it, I consider myself celibate by choice, until last year that I started having taoist sex that my masturbation has declined.

    I hope this helps NoFap its not even about energy well it is but it is also about connecting your sexaul energy to love, sex is a force that is your friend not your enemy your greatest ally.

    In conclusion, unselfish love has been the cause of my current state and streak.
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    congrats on your streak and journey.. very inspiring!!!
    for me just the thought of sex and intimacy causes the urge to MO more and is a risk and trigger.
    can you elaborate further your journey initially to having sex without ejaculation?
    what tips or tools you used to achieve this?
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    well first of all I´m not saying its bad to orgasm if you have sex with an stable partner that you love if there is love and the women orgasm that can balance the loss of energy if you ejaculate.

    well its also something my father tought me since very little eveey time I ever had sex its been without orgasm and maybe 2-3 times with orgasm and the feeling of not orgasm makes sex even better you feel stronger after the sex is done more recharge.

    well I think every time I have sex is a learning experience and also a way to overcome ejaculation but mostly its something very normal I dont have to make an effort and enjoy alot I right now dont do anything in particular to control it.

    but it depends if you are not use to it can seam as torture i think just do it as practice and see how you feel.

    well how to do it?
    first ejaculation ans premature ejaculation is the rule of nature also its a sympatetic response or autonomic one it means that we are not design to control it it just happens naturally.

    something i learn when i started its that mind controls breathing breathing controls blood and blood controls semen.

    so first of all be relax during sex and dont think all the time this girl is so so hot because you will come fast, also dont think in weird things like beisball o something else, focus on the breathing because if you breath fast your heartbeat and pulse become faster and faster heartbeat is what happens before you ejaculate if your heart is at a slow rate you will not ejaculate, also you can turn the lights off so yopu dont get alot of stimuli from the girl and if posible tell the girl you want to control your ejaculation so she can help you.

    jogging helps too or cardiovascular activity because your heartbeat improves so it doesnt get too fast if ther is not an strong stimuli.

    squats help too because they work the pelvic floor so strong pelvic muscles help to control ejaculation, also core excersises and abs workout. Vacuum pose

    when you pee stop the flow 10-15 seconds then pee again several times.

    also a lingam massage where you massage your pelvic region your penis is a tantric massage not masturbation you are just feeling your masculine energy and also become friends with your sexual organs you do it with relaxing music, using almond oil. I only did this like 3 times but it change my life a lot. Now I do other practices but its good especially if you have a fap problem.

    also in the massage move the energy of placer around all your body dont focus it on your penis that way you enjoy a full and slow orgasm.

    also thats also how I have sex I move the energy around my body so i dont feel pressure to ejaculate also i have sex using all my body not just my penis so i touch alot i move to one place an the other it becomes a multisensitive experience not just your penis insede a hole.

    if you think you are going to come also stop your breathing dont breath, and squezze your anus and abs, close your eyers, its a last resort thing

    mantak chia talk about it the book multiorgasmic man.
    the thing is sex is a great tool to gain confidence, strenght and love dont represse it embrace it enjoy it
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    wow some great tips..thank you!!!..saw mantak chia clips and about pc muscle excercise to move the sexual energy through the body so one doesn't ejaculate frequently..
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    So valuable. This is a great post
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    That's good to hear!
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    Congrats to you being a master of sexual energy and focus. Big improvement that I'm also aiming for!
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