Love songs, don't listen to them.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Troels. L, Jun 10, 2019.

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    I have a theory that love songs actually can be rather detrimental for your psyche. I think listening to them can leave you feeling, that you need a girl to fulfill you. I just had this epiphany today. I always, get hung up on a certain girl, always. When I actually stop caring so much, they start getting interested in me, and then all of a sudden, I am back in the loop. A girl can never ever complete us, it is a myth, there is a girl who can make up for our flaws. We must complete ourselves. And if you sincerely believe that a girl can complete you, then what does that say about you? You are not worth it until a pretty girl comes along?
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    You may be right, but unfortunately a lot of love songs are great. They're catchy, have soul. My favorite singer is Elton John and he has a lot of love songs, it would be weird to have a day without listening to him. You may be right because I feel the same way you feel.
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    How am I codependent? In my songs the ways..

    Of course this goes both ways, and consider - since we're no stranger to porn the whole bondage thing. There isn't a kind of porn that celebrates the freedom of the mind is there? But I don't see why that can't be the case in a sexual relationship. Granted it's probably going to be pretty rare, because the average human consciousness seems pretty taken with that.. I don't know, meme might be an appropriate word for it.

    I thought of this song earlier today, and in my idea of a relationship that celebrates FREEDOM together this could be like the theme song as a couple enjoys a beautiful view together, without being all needy but two whole people appreciating each other and the environment they are in, as in being present rather than being in a trip of 'positive' projections (and really relating to each other as an addiction.)

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    I gather the OP refers mainly to the summer pop songs for teens. They basically work the same as social media, in the sense that there are patterns and words that addict us, create those ear-worms. Plus the whole romantic notion of "the one and only and forever together" that's been pushed into our brains with all the fairy tales when we were toddlers.
  7. I recommend listening to gospel instead. These songs talk about love as well, but from someone who unconditionally loves you already and who wants to be loved back. ;)

    You are of an age, where your sexual market value (SMV) is naturally low. It's going to improve later and depending on how good you keep in shape will peak at age 35 to 50.

    The lesson to take from this is that you shouldn't waste your youth with romantic distractions and use your limitless energy to work on yourself and your own goals instead.
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    You right about a girl not completing us. My pops always told me nobody is gonna get into grave with you when you die and that always stuck to me.
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    Feel free to call me whatever you want, but the only relationship I've been ended almost two years ago and my life seems pointless ever since. I really want to find someone to share my feelings with, and knowing some love songs is not a bad thing, it depends on your mentality at the moment you hear it, it can motivate you or bring you down. Even when is not a "love song", Lovers of the Word or Mandom is a good song for all those who wish for a girl in their lives.

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