Loving transwomen as a straight man?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by kriss93, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. brilliantidiot

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    Of course, I'm not saying a man who thinks its a woman etc ect is gay, but the act the title of this thread is "loving transwomen as a straight man?", so I assumed we were talking about knowingly having sex with another man.
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  2. I still dont see what you mean. Even if you know the person is biologically male, if they look like this...


    ... and you still want to have sex with them, I don't see how you can be gay. Bi maybe, but not gay.

    Not the best picture, but most of her full body shots are pretty revealing, so I figured this one was safe. lol
  3. I can still see features of a dude especially the jaw line.
  4. Okay. That's not the point of my question. If someone saw that person on the street and said they were hot, nobody would say they sound gay.
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  5. Toomuchh

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    What happens if you went out and met a girl and thought she was attractive. You don't know she is trans until the end of the night. It is straight until the point you find out she is trans, or is it gay the whole time.
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  6. I wouldn't fuck a tranny unlike others here because they are biological men which extremely repulses. They cannot become women and will never be. Sex change is impossible.
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  7. Well there are certain features you should notice right off, but if you do fall into the trap I wouldn't say it's gay. Tbh if I was too fall into that trap I would be pretty mad and might even fight "him". I treat them as men with severe psychological issues. I think these people need to be treated in mental institutions rather then letting them fuck up their bodies.
  8. I doubt they want to have sex with you either, so don't worry. I'm sure you're safe.
  9. SolitaryScribe

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    If you happen to hook up with a chick and you later found out she was trans, does that mean you're gay?
  10. brilliantidiot

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    No, it means you had gay sex
  11. SolitaryScribe

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    But you said that "men attracted to trans women are gay". By that reasoning, if you had sex with a trans woman even if you did not know it, it means you were attracted to her. Therefore we can conclude that you are gay. Which we can also conclude that you would not mind going to a gay bar and having promiscuous sex with other men.

    do you see what I'm getting at?
  12. ProtagonistOfMyLife

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    Nothing personal Scribe but if you actually read what he has written your question would be answered on it's own.
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  13. 4DCreator

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    Ben Shapiro would like to talk about this :D

  14. Is someone actually persuaded by that fast-talking demagogue? What a piece of shit.
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  15. Boi, she hot.

    Wait a minute.

    Oh okay.
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  16. Lol I agree. So I guess, as a woman, that makes me perfectly straight.

    ... right?
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  17. Straight.
  18. Idk. She has tits and looks feminine. So you tell me. :/
  19. *He. Lol. :/

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