Loving transwomen as a straight man?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by kriss93, Feb 10, 2019.

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  2. Well, good for you. I came to know about her just today. Saw videos of other trans as well on YT just to know more about them. Guess I got very curious after reading this thread.

    My mid semester exams starts in less than two days. I should be studying right now. Wish me luck. :/
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  3. Good luck! And that's good, I learned a whole lot about transgenderism from Blaire, and she opened my mind a lot. She's a great person to learn from, because her views are very rational and logical, like how she recognizes that she will always be biologically male and that you can't change your sex, you can just change the way people perceive you in society, etc.
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    I'm going to open up a restaurant for people like you who don't care what something truly is. For example, I will call my restaurant a Fried Chicken place but will actually be Ferrets seasoned like fried chicken. Fuck it, truth doesn't matter, just what it looks like on the outside. lol

  5. Hmmm k
  6. Thanks. :)

    Will watch more videos of her after my exams get over. Thanks again.
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  7. It depends. Extremely straight men are the ONLY kind of men genuinely attracted to the femininity and personality of transsexuals for long-term relationships.

    Gay men are not.

    Yes, those that fetishize transsexuals as a one-off fantasy encounter are often experimenting with their own internal and oft-times insecure curiosities; not so those that are seeking a real relationship.

    In that regard, the guy and the girl both know who they are and what they are about --- no games or names or labels really matter --- they are attracted to each other and that is what matters. Two people who seek a deeper connection -- it happens...across a spectrum.

    In my experience, truly straight and confident men do not care about others definitions or labels. A confident straight man sees what he wants, determines to seek it out, and aims to make it work. They do not need anyones permission that it fits a view, or a convenient label.

    Also, in my experience, men who loudly and brashly find the need to claim they are straight --- and yell and insist on it so all can hear --- and who make homophobic slurs and innuendos, they are usually way WAY less-confident in their own heterosexuality. Yet, those quiet, confident, manly straight men capable of following a pathway into authentic relationships regardless of labels are unbothered by your collective labels or stigmatization --- they are just getting on with their life not needing your approvals.

    There is a correlation that the louder one yells about his heterosexual skills and over-arching manhood, the more likely he fears his hidden insecurities being exposed.

    Also, I agree w @Castielle that Blaire White's views are indeed rational and logical and just make sense.

    So, assuming you are not fetishizing a person, and you are genuinely attracted, then....NO, being attracted to a transsexual person in no way means you are gay. You are attracted to the femininity and the personality and you are confident enough to pursue the relationship without needing to worry what other people think. That is what a real man does.
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  8. I wouldn't call those guys straight just because they're attracted to feminine aura. Feminine aura might as well be coming from a man who didn't have any procedures.

    I don't object to the idea that people exist for whom gender is a completely abstract thing. At least I hope it's so - in case I go through some freak accident where I get my c*ck cut off it would be nice if some women remained interested.

    Umfortunately, I'm not one of those enlightened people. Vaginalessness is a dealbreaker for me and I'm not saying that to look tough as you suggested.
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    If a “woman” has a penis “she” is not a “woman”. If a man likes transsexuals he doesn’t have to be “gay” if a person enjoys sex with an animal it doesn’t make them an animal it makes them a “pervert” because their sexual drive is being or has been “perverted” to something that is not “normal” transsexuals are not “normal” they don’t exist in any natural state. They are cosmetically and surgically “produced” gay and straight men may like transsexuals it is not about gay or straight it is about lust, attraction, and in my opinion a perversion from what is “normal” ....people are born male or female. NOT transsexuals. It’s a fetish and perversion.
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    Inverted Penis.
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    Well, I am not necessarily opposed to the idea of treating trans women that make an effort to be a woman/feminine the same as I would a biological woman. But I don't really have strong feelings on this topic.

    Looks like people here disagree on basic worldviews. Just throwing opinions on each other's head probably won't make much of an achievement. Rather than aggravating each other on topics people know they won't agree on anyway it's probably best to just politely nod and agree to disagree.
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    Agreed but men are still not women. - lol
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