Low energy - Flatline or Withdrawal?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ash_cloud, Oct 10, 2018.

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    All, I am experiencing a period of very low energy. This started when I started my current streak around 20 days back. I have a lot of urges etc. so I dont think I can call this a flatline ? However, during my previous streaks I am always able to get some energy in the body by around 7- 11 days. This time I am feeling a debilitating lack of energy though for last 20 days. Each moment of life feels like torture. Because of such physical symptoms, I have low moods & depression as hard to deal with it. Is such an extended period of low energy something experienced by others also? Is this withdrawal and is it normal ?
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  2. Its normal during withdrawal. I had the same symptoms you describe. Lasted about a week for me. Then other symptoms came and hit me hard.
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    Same here man. No to worry, your brain goes against you and want to break your will to get porn and fap. I have exactly the same. After 10 days of nofap such a depression hit me, that I feel like a dead person. I can't even do basic things in a day. I know there are most amazing days of my life coming and my brain will not win the fight over me, will not break me with this.

    Your reality what you have right now is what your brain wants you to believe in, to sink in back to fapping. This reality is not real and you must acknowledge that. Yes, every day is torture. It will go away. Stay strong!
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