Lowered Self Esteem for guys?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by gamebox, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    Pretty new to this forum. I have had this feeling that occurs pretty much each time, after pmo.

    After I've pmo'd, I get these feelings of low self-esteem. I am not sure what it is related to exactly, but essentially during consumption and when I am done, I get these feelings of "unworthiness". It feels like ... I can never attain what I am seeing on the screen. Almost like, I don't fit into this category of beautiful people and instead I'm just some "sad, lonely person at home".

    I'll try and elaborate a bit more. When I do watch, it feels like ...

    "Wow! These people are having such a grand time" (obviously it's just for show, but the fantasy that is portrayed hits me). They are so good looking, have ideal body types, they get to have these experiences because of how they look and sound etc...

    And then when I look at myself I feel like "Wow... I am never going to get those same highs or experiences" and I feel lonely and isolated... I feel like I am less than what I see on screen.

    I've noticed though that when I do NOT watch or pmo those types of feelings slowly dissipate.

    I hope this all makes sense in some way.

    I was wondering if this is something that is common and if other people here have ever had those feelings?
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    Welcome to the forum! You're feeling this way because you are better than masturbating in front of a screen. What you see in porn is fantasy. The body types, the acts, the objectification... all are extremely unrealistic depictions of sex. Although it's fantasy, the effects are real. You can't attain what you're seeing on the screen, and that is depressing in itself. For many (myself included), that feeling only got worse as time went on. At my worst, I felt like a total piece of shit after PMO. How much time had I wasted on porn? Real love between two people is a beautiful thing, and porn distorts that image. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!
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  3. Hello and welcome! :)

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