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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Rigatoni, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if Lucid Dream sex counted as breaking a NoFap streak? Ever since I started my nofap, I've been getting lucid dreams, and I was wondering if I had lucid dream sex, and ejaculated irl, if that would break the streak. Ive spoken to many people about this, and some say it counts as a wet dream, im confused by this as if I was having lucid sex, wouldn't that mean I would be in control and get to choose what I want to do? Im on day 8 and have had a regular wet dream, but im afraid that I will lose the streak if I have sex in a lucid dream.
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    Depends on your goals. To me that would count as masturbation without porn, because you are purposefully pleasuring yourself to fantasies. Without orgasm it's edging. Pretty much the only difference I see is the fact that you're doing it at night instead of your waking time. Since it's a lucid dream, you are in control of what's going on and therefore you can't use the same reasonings to bail you out of it as you would with regular wet dreams. (Ie it being an unintentional and common experience.)
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  3. Don't know if there is an answer to this. I guess it is up to you and how you feel about it. Lucid dreaming is conscious so you have control over the dream state. If lucid sex is causing a wet dream and you are also trying semen retention then obviously it isn't helping. I think it is really cool that you can do this so well done. I would suggest you use this ability for something more productive. There is so much to explore in the dream state. Maybe next time you go lucid, try asking the dream this exact question. Then you will know for sure.
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  4. It's up to you. If you temporarily want to abstain from orgasm during your reboot, then yes. But if orgasming is fine for you during your reboot, then no.
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