"Lucky" events and stories that you thought were related to SR

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  1. Born2live

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    wazzup guys!

    these are mine:

    I quit my job after 4 years of suffering.

    I had the courage to make the decision to live and I spent one of the best times of my life with someone I admire a lot.


    I never bet the lottery, but last week I decided to bet and won 50 box!!! hahahaha next time...

    I have many others .. I count as I remember.

    And you guys ... you have some?
  2. VK2019

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    It's fascinating to me how when we feel high on life, in control, higher-self etc. we tend to be more adventures with our decisions in life (such as quitting your job in your case) compared to being more comfortable in our decisions, only seeking safety when we don't have our "energy" and by energy yes I mean semen.

    In my case, the best I did was a 28 day. During that time, what I noticed is my decision-making abilities started to be more sharp. I work with my brain, so I immediately realized an improvement in my work performance/dedication to the cause.
  3. Infrasapiens

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    I was asleep and when I woke up my pants were ruined.

    Thank you semen retention.

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