M and acne?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sinner, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Sinner

    Sinner Guest

    Hey guys. Could you tell me more about M and acne? Are they related?
  2. JoePineapples

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  3. rigel08

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    I think they are related, at least indirectly. Whenever I stopped masturbating for longer periods if time my face would clear up. When I would masturbate, whiteheads would pop up all over my face for the next two days. I guess it has something to do with how sensitive your body is to hormonal changes.
  4. Sinner

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    Yeah, that's what I meant, since everything in your body is related why wouldn't this be too?
  5. Amit shah

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    There is a relation between M and acne I was M free for 34 days during this period my acne and pimples reduced to minimum which I noticed and my relatives also said after meeting me after 2 months.
  6. Magor

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    Although I didn't have any acne at all, I can say my skin looks better from nofap.

    @rigel08 Yeah I think you're right. There may be an indirect connection here... it could be decrease in stress or many factors, god knows.. :confused:
  7. IGY

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    Isn't it unusual to get acne at your age @Amit shah? It must be embarrassing for your relatives to comment on such a thing? :(
  8. CL555

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    Looking at @Amit shah's age stated (24) I think it's still kind of reasonable to get acne. I think anything above late-20's is when it becomes unusual. However, I have a cousin who is nearly 40 and still gets full on - 15 year old style acne and it's never settled down. I don't know what causes this. Bad hygiene, hormone imbalance, bad diet? -- I had bad acne up until the age of 16 and the only think that killed it were a series of tablets and injections. I still have very visible scars on my face and chest.
  9. IGY

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    Damn, that's pants, man. Never had it myself. o_O
  10. Zin

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    When the confidence benefit kicks in you wont care so much your acne.

    I think there is a correlation.

    You'll probably see results.

    I hope you do, I know how hard having acne is.
  11. JoePineapples

    JoePineapples Fapstronaut

    For what it's worth, I've noticed benefits. Although I'm in my 40's I still have spotty skin, although it's nothing like the problem I had in my teens / early twenties. And unless I have a bad outbreak, it doesn't really bother me anymore. But I have noticed that avoiding PMO, along with my lifestyle changes (cold showers / better diet / exercise ) have all helped contribute to better skin. I also used to get stress related (I think) exema on my hands, which has cleared up. Unscientific, I know, but my personal experience.
  12. It sure is. For every relapse I've had or even close edging, I've always gotten a pimple or a few whitehead the next few days. I'm more than 2 weeks in and my face is 100% clean.
    Doctors would surely tell me that there's no connection or nothing that links directly, that's why I never listen to their bullshit. One doctor tells this, the other that..

    You and I are the proof.
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  13. johnnyjohnny

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    From what I understand Acne is a virus. I know when I was a kid with it when got sick and was treated with medicine my face cleared up. Now never self medicate, if yours is bad see a doctor, they can, correctly treat you. Getting a mild sun tan also seems to clear up acne. Mine vanished right before I turned 15 and never came back.
  14. Spiral

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    You are simply lucky. Doctors don't have a clue what they are doing when it comes to acne. Just lucky thats all.

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