Macho men, moral development of the brain and the relationship to addiction

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  1. An interesting conversation with Robert Sapolsky:

    A few points here relate to NoFap and the culture of young guys. Notice it's just a biological fact that people don't have a fully developed frontal cortex until about 30 so young guys are at a disadvantage that way - not to mention if you have a problem like porn addiction. It should be obvious to anyone really thinking about this that there is a developmental difference and not all streaks are the same in terms of day count, younger guys are likely to find it harder. And of course right from the outset this paragraph challenges the typical macho man paradigm:

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    Wow, almost two decades ago and men are still trying to run around beating their chest. Well, there is at least some light. Some at least have the capacity to come up with such crazy ideologies like "red pill" and "blue pill". They have no basis in reality but at least there is a sense of using the prefrontal cortex. It might be safe to say that humans haven't evolved much from ancient primates. There are some out there, at least, that push knowledge every decade, while all the others are "in the bushes" fighting each other with nuclear weapons much like the baboons that just happen to find a perfect opportunity to engage in a physical altercation in the middle of a hunt.

    Sapolsky may be right, the world will be in good hands a million years from now. Can the future descendants of baboons find a way to rise everyone above and beyond their impulsiveness?
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    If you ask me the terms "Alpha" and "Beta" male should be used only in figurative terms/concepts not literal terms. "Alpha" to praise strong and brave men. and Beta to mock cowardly and weaker men. In all reality the terms Alpha male and Beta male are completely irrelevant as s men are generally more complex than this to live by these labels. This is because every man has his strengths and weaknesses. For example; I am more alpha in things such as exercise, whittling, playing guitar, archery, computer technology, driving, mechanics, geology, following the doctrines of my religion, and setting goals. In all honesty I am much more of a Beta male when it comes to talking to women It's not that I'm desperate and in need of a woman's validation and willing to throw away my self-respect and dignity in a desperate attempt to "Score". But because I am and still am terribly shy around the opposite sex. I feel this is because I feel that just the essence of a woman is enough to bring out the sensitive and vulnerable part of me. Aka the side I try desperately to keep hidden I do my best to remain my stoic and hardened composure but it cannot stop the overwhelming power of woman essence.
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