MADE IT: 90 days hardcore NOFAP, health benefits, etc.

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    Hello everyone!
    I guess its time to write a success story :cool:
    My story in a nutshell: I was a hardcore PMO addict for 13 years and in the last year I experienced very strange health issues popping up from nowhere at the same time. After stopping this addiction, my health issues slowly faded away.
    So I've decided to combine my comments which I wrote in another topic, so you can see the exact changes I went through within these 90 days ;)

    Day 3:
    Hi All!
    Just registered, because I feel my life is a mess, because of porn...
    I was all good until 25, when I started watching it for 7 years....
    I want my life back with confidence and real girls!
    So here I am, 3 days without porn already. I hope I can make 90 days!!!
    Wish you all Superpowers!! :--))))
    Ps.: It feels really weird down there after 3 days. I am afraid it might blow up soon. Never had this much break in 7 years...
    Edit: Could anyone Like my comment so I can edit my signature?

    Day 4:
    Good job! :D
    Dont let it happen! Im sure you can make it.
    I myself dragging my balls on the floor and its been just the 4th day :O I accidentally seen some ads about girls' asses which is my weakness...
    I experienced a little frustration today, but it went away fast. Im overall ok. Just trying to occupy my mind. Went to gym and shopping.
    Im almost 100% sure that I will stick with NoFap till the end or even try to stop it forever, because I have so many symptoms and problems and Im sure all related to my ~10 years of retarded behavior :(

    Day 5:
    Im over 4 days now, it was extremely difficult tonight as this is my longest period without fapping in a decade!
    I was shaking inside and felt like an addict!!! (Im still shaking, it feels like "something" is missing). Couldnt sleep until 5 am.... Incredible! But Im also experiencing health improvement. Not sure when to write about it, maybe after 90 days I will post a long article about the changes.
    Guys, just dont stop it, its your health after all. My new goal is NoFap for life! Not kidding!
    Btw, I got turned on today after seeing a girls hand on fb... :D:D:D
    Im out to the gym, too much shaking.

    Day 6:
    Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek:
    I had more than 10 years constant pimples and redness on both my tricepses, from shoulder to elbow! I went to see lots of skin specialists, but they all said its normal and they gave me cream, which didnt work. It was itchy and very red, some people asked me on the beach what is that, thats how bad it looked...
    Im in day 6 with NoFap and my decade-long skin problem DISAPPEARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soo happy, no words....... I have baby skin all over my body! It really feels extreme soft.
    I didnt change any eating or other habits, so it can be just the NoFap.
    I have more positive changes and will write a bigger article about it later.
    Im getting more and more power to stay out of PMO forever, because of the results!
    How everybody is doing? Keep pushing guys until we get back our natural superpower :cool:;)

    Day 7:
    Im doing better every day. Im in day 7. Every new day is a new record for me after 10 years (edit: unfortunately its more about 13 yrs). So far its easy, because I want the change badly! :mad::D:cool: Can't wait to reach 30-60-90 and more days. Extremely curious what benefits I will have.
    Although I feel I might have some difficult battles soon...

    Day 8:
    This morning was very difficult.
    I woke up to a boner at 4 am and it lasted until 7 am. I was too tired to do something about it, but Im ok. No leaks or wet dreams :D
    I will fight no matter what! :mad:

    For me to stay focused and not to relapse is easy ( ok, not that easy :D ), because I just remind myself how bad my health turned. I really went too far with this and I blame the doctors who always told me its healthy and good for your prostate..
    Guys who failed today...dont you want to be superman ? :D :D

    Day 9:
    This morning I experienced heavy sexual dreams.
    Im surprised for 2 things:
    1. I didnt have any dreams for years.
    2. I stayed dry :D

    Ps.: Im afraid about the next night..

    Day 14:
    Can't believe Im almost 14 days free of PMO after 13 years of doing it !!!!!!!! :D:cool::cool::cool:
    Well, I will be honest..... Im struggling big time! :( Im nervous and shaking! It feels my balls want to blow up, never felt this before. Im also having extreme sexual dreams every night and today when I went to the washroom to pee I saw leakage :eek: but still no PMO :D I wont give up!
    But tell me please when will it be better ? When will I be calm again ?
    I feel that a wet dream would be the solution to my problem, what do you think ?
    Keep pushing soldiers!!!:mad::D
    Ps.: tomorrow I will write a small article about the health changes in these 2 weeks I experienced.

    [​IMG]Day 24:
    Hey guys! Amazing news to share! I have no idea how many days I am at right now and I dont even care anymore, because Im getting back my power and because of that I've decided NoFap for life! :mad::mad::mad::cool:
    My social anxiety is disappearing..I have friends again..I start conversations again. Vision better, skin better.
    I walk differently, I talk differently......bigger balls physically, bigger wood!...sooo many things changed, its amazing!
    Today a girl grabbed my ass in the grocery then ran away with her girlfriend, later on another two approached me and started a conversation and then I immediately thought I have to share this with you! :D:cool:
    For me its already proven that NoFap works and I shouldnt have listen to doctors who all told me unlimited fapping is no harm to health.
    I wish big balls to all of you! :mad::D

    Day 25:
    It is very easy to answer.
    In the last year I experienced too many weird health related problems. I didnt know why I got them and how..Every doctor said Im perfectly fine. I even got accepted to a commercial pilot program after their doctors checked me. So in doctors definition I was perfectly fine...but I was in a deep trouble.
    All problems appeared last year when I was fapping incredible amount of time. I was fapping too much, because I felt depressed. I needed a quick solution every day for couple times.
    I experienced the following:

    - It was hard to zoom into objects, even-though my vision was perfectly fine.
    - I was not interested in anything. I was laying in bed, waiting when my wood is ready for the next session.
    - I was not interested seeing anyone :(
    - I was exactly as a definition of a zombie!!!
    - I had tinnitus (ringing in the ear), because my nerve system was exhausted of too much fapping.
    - My arms and legs occasionally jumped for no reason (this is also the sign of nerve exhaustion).
    - In the same time lower back pain appeared.
    - I had red rash over my upper arms for unknown amount of years and everything disappeared after stopping fap. Also amazing, that my skin became babyskin all over my body. Its soft and I feel everything more sensitive with my fingers!
    - I always wanted to sleep daytime as much I could.
    - My balls and wood were smaller although I realized this just recently, when it grew back :D
    - The bulged birthmarks I have became flat, which says I had some sort of inflammation all the time due to fap apparently :(
    - I suddenly realized every of my friend disappeared and I had no idea whats going on..
    - My prostate started to hurt and my penis in the middle way. I got really scared at this point! :eek:
    - My hair started to fall out. /I need more time to answer if it will grow back or not/

    So there you go! My answer to your question is: I dont want all of these problems back! Although I have hard wood every morning, it doesnt bother me anymore.
    I feel lucky that I didnt damage my health to a point where there is no return! It ruined my life enough! I also feel lucky that I was able to find the cause of all these problems!
    Im getting back my old personality, which is a happy balanced person with social life. If I would be a president of a powerful country, I would seriously ban fapping! :mad::D So many wasted talents in the world, because of lack of information!!!
    I hope it helped!:cool:

    I remember, the most difficult was between day 12 and day 15. You will make it! Stay strong soldier! :mad::mad::mad:

    Day 30:
    Thanks for the support on the prostitute topic. I will be strong and forget about them. :mad:

    Another thing I wanted to mention close to 1 month: I started to be interested in abandoned relationships. Like friends and girls. Im writing lot of them (I dont feel awkwardness than before) and I never did this before NoFap. Im showing interest, because the chemical balance stabilizing in my brain due to NoFap. As social anxiety slowly fading away, I feel I can have better conversations with ppl. Words coming to my mind easier and I can make them interesting/funny and NOW I AM THE ONE WHO SAYS AT THE END: "SORRY, I HAVE TO GO"! :cool:
    Also, I can finally stand for myself. For example yesterday I took my iPhone to Apple for a repair or change. They changed the screen, but made 2 scratches on the side. She started arguing with me that's impossible which was funny, because there was another guy with the same problem. She convinced the other guy, but I sat there and told her: "Im not leaving this place with this scratched phone"! After 5 second of looking each others eye she said both of our phones will be replaced to new ones! :cool:

    It is an extremely interesting topic and Im very happy to be a part of it. I wish I couldn't have wasted my time with fapping. Who knows where would I be today. Luckily I was still able to accomplish quite big things, so Im not that sad.

    STAY STRONG SOLDIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::D:cool:

    Day 31:
    I was brave enough to set up a 365-day counter in my signature :D
    I really hope I can make it. 31 days went by extremely fast, so I think its possible and I'm very happy we are here together in this battle! :mad:
    Other than I wrote before I can tell that 31 days NoFap made me much more social. I attend as many events I can and I enjoy life finally.
    Someone used these excellent words on this forum before: "I don't feel detached from my body anymore!". I feel the exact same!
    Looking for more positive changes!
    Keep fighting soldiers! :mad::D

    [​IMG]Day 35:
    Good afternoon soldiers! :mad:
    I had a really huge battle yesterday night at day 35! Never had this before!:eek:
    From midnight until 5 am, I couldnt fall asleep, because I had constant hard-wood! :mad:
    This was the toughest battle I had so far, but I won! :mad:
    I feel really good about the victory and I hope it wont return.
    Just wanted to give you strength and let you know that every urge is manageable even if you feel differently.
    Stay strong!

    Day 60:
    DAY 60 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool::cool::D:D:D

    60 days before I would have never thought about being here where I'm now. 13 years of constant daily 2-3-4 fapping made me disconnected from my body. I'm not going to repeat what problems I had, but for example my vision went back to perfect in these 60 days. My doctor couldn't believe his eyes (maybe he has bad vision Bhahahah :D:D). Lately, I smell so many things that other people don't to a point that it bothers me sometimes. My tinnitus (ringing in the ear) from level 80% dropped to 1%, because my nerves slowly repairing themselves. I have mood finally, I wake up as a happy person. I'm much sharper in general and I have more energy. My skin is much smoother and I sense more with my fingers.
    I still have hard wood here and there, but not as much as before, it is definitely much easier now.
    I like the difference so much, that I try to quit forever. :)
    It really worth to stop. Although I know sometimes circumstances like depression could make it much harder to resist, but if you make it, then it solves depression too. I know, I've been there...
    KEEP FIGHTING SOLDIEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::D

    Day 61:
    Thanks browskiy!
    I never had bad eyesight (my vision became unclear and hard to zoom in to objects), but it appeared in the same time when my other problems, like ringing in the ear, numbness, zero mood, depression, bad skin, muscle jumping. All nerve related, because of horrible amount of fapping. There are lots of studies about it, how fapping affects nerves. I really took fapping to a whole new level.... So my nerves were giving up on me, thats when I started googleing things and I realized I might doing it wrong for years.... And everything stabilized after I stopped! Simple as that. I feel I was born again! :D

    I was the same like you. Going to bed at 3-4-5 am, then wake up 7:30. Felt useless/tired the whole day. Nowadays, I can fall asleep about 11 pm. Much better for the body.
    Stop fapping or you will have really bad health issues! :(

    Day 70:
    Day 70! :mad::D

    Hello everyone! I was thinking what news I can provide you on this beautiful day, but not so much regarding my health improvement other than you already heard from me.
    But there is something else I would like to share. After doing some research I accidentally ran into couple proven negative evidence about fapping and I finally realized why I had those problems.
    For those who dont know I had lots of bad side effect because fapping, like:
    - skin problems
    - eye problems
    - tinnitus
    - geographic tongue
    - complete numbness/feeling slow and retarded (mental slowness)
    - my wounds didnt heal fast enough
    - Didnt smell and taste as good as now
    - Hair loss
    - Lost appetite
    - etc.....

    Well, if you google it up, these symptoms are exactly the result of ZINC-DEFICIENCY :(
    After more googleing I found out we lose zinc every time we FAP. I was fapping like a machine every day for 13 years.
    Thanks to NoFap, I stopped losing zinc, thats why I feel now as superman :cool:. My skin is super soft, my eyes are perfect, I smell, I taste again, no tinnitus or geographic tongue. The slowest healing process is losing the mental slowness, but I feel every day an improvement. I finally wake up happy and start my day smiling. Still tho, I feel I didn't heal completely. Not sure if 90 days will be enough to recover completely after 13 years of daily fapping, but probably not.
    Ether way I think I will be able to quit fapping forever. Too much to lose with this retarded behavior..
    How is everybody else doing? :mad::cool:

    Day 89:
    Today, at day 89 I finally had a wet dream :D:cool:
    I was planning to pmo at day 90, because my bag was way too heavy :mad:, but now I can continue without resetting the counter :)

    If you read it until the end I hope you find it useful and you can use it to fight against PMO!
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    You've done a great job ! Kudos!!
  3. Andyst343

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    Congrats well done!
    Like to ask, I have bad tinnitus, do you think its connected to the nervous system ??
  4. AMAZING!!! :D
    I want to reach 90 days too!
    Thanks for your inspiring post :)
  5. AWESOME!!!! o_O Thank you for sharing, You have no idea what this means to me, this morning I woke up with my strongest urges yet during my challenge, but after doing my journal entry and reading other stories and now reading over yours I feel as strong I did back on day 1! Thank you so much!
  6. True story :(
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  7. I Free I

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    Congratulations on your success so far ! I just made it to Day 90 as of today, short term goal is 100 days and long term goal is 365 days . keep it pushing and thanks for the motivation !
  8. Brianovitch

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    Thank you!
    Oh wow, nice to hear about your eye improvement! Your father is a wise man, he is totally right!
    Im happy that I helped, keep going Soldier! :mad::D;)
  9. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Thank you!
    Tinnitus is almost always connected to a nervous system problem.
    The issue is that the nervous system can be damaged by too many things, so it is really difficult sometimes to find the real cause.
    Extreme m*sturb*tion definitely can cause it. When I was fapping too much my tinnitus was so loud that I could hear it even under the shower. As soon as I stopped it decresed by 99%. Nowadays, I might able to hear something if I go to bed at nights in complete silence and if I think about it. Im hoping to get rid of it in the future.
    If tinnitus is not connected to a nerve problem it can be caused by too high noise/music in a headset or concert...
    Also physical damage like a hit on your ear or head can be a culprit.

    I actually bought just recently a homeopathic product against tinnitus called: ring stop.
    Will see if there will be any change...but you should google: "tinnitus nerve exhaustion", there are tons of articles about it.

    EDIT: antibiotics can also be the reason for tinnitus..
    as Alcohol too...
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  10. Brianovitch

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    No worries, you will reach it, just never give up!!! :cool:
    You will have lots of battles, but I guarantee you, it worth to fight!;)
    I want to see your counter reaching 90 in 81 days!:mad:
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  11. Brianovitch

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    I'm really happy that you feel the power!!!:mad:
    Never give up! The toughest battle you won, the better you will feel after! ;)
    What day are you at ?
  12. Brianovitch

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    Big congratulations to you too!:cool: Be the power with you until your goals and after!:D
    Im pushing.. :mad::D
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    I had tinnitus (ringing in the ear), because my nerve system was exhausted of too much fapping.

    Hi, has it subsided now? As I have been having this since my reboot and it is really debilitating.
  14. Andyst343

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    Ok thanks, my tinnitus is very very bad it dominates my life 24/7. ill look on google. thanks
  15. OluwaBrume

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  16. K.C_Cage

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    This is amazing. You've made so much progress! I honestly wish that I had kept my long streak going (which was one day ahead of yours) but I'm ok with it. There were some things I had to learn by falling a few times more. And because I fell so much it allowed me to have the flexibility to take a class where I met the girl of my dreams. So I am continuing to push forward. Congrats on the 90. Treat yourself big bro. :D
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  17. Thrivelife

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    Great read, thanks man! Currently on day 13, which is a whole different world of life then days 1-5. I just almost slipped up and ended up reading your post instead!
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  18. badeae1

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    Good job. It really is nice to see daily success stories. We all can make it in the end. Consistency is the key.

    Stay clean
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  19. Brianovitch

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    Yes, it subsided big time. I can hear it now, just when I focus on it in a quiet place. I also stopped drinking alcohol in the same time, so that might helped too.
  20. Brianovitch

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    Yes, I remember:D
    But, you found a good girl thanks to fapping :D Which class did you take ? ;)
    Thanks, I will and I will push forward!:mad:
    Now go back to fight soldier!:mad: