MADE IT: 90 days hardcore NOFAP, health benefits, etc.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Brianovitch, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Rey Rey

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    Lovely reading the journey and an inspiration to all of us for sure. Makes us think twice before doing something stupid. I am so happy for you and the changes just amazing till where you have arrived. Be blessed man
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  2. Posts like this are the reason people like me are able to hold on to nofap.

    Kudos to you, brother. May the fap never be with you.
  3. BlueJoe

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    thats interesting I also have ringing in the ear but never seen anyone else mentioning it being due to fapping. congratulations! did your hair grow back again/stop falling out?
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  4. Brianovitch

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    Amazing Muki007!!!!!
    You tasted the benefits, now you go after fap stronger! :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Keep up the good work and lets be strong in this year too together!!! :mad:
    Good luck and waiting your post about further benefits! :cool:

    And just WOW how our negative and positive effects match!
    Never believe to doctors who say fap is ok....:mad:
    Fapping is proven makes us unable to live life to the fullest.

    I'm back to fight this again starting this January 1.

    No more excuses!:mad:

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  5. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Thanks Donmeshwime!

    New year, new battle! :mad:
    Stay strong!!! I'm also back to fight this again with you!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Together will be easy.
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  6. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    1 year into all this, I've tested couple things and I believe quitting alcohol is more likely the biggest reason to hear less of the ringing.
    When I dont fap for weeks/months my hair completely stops falling out, I can not pull out any hair, but when I fap daily every time I shower, I see 20-30 hairs falling out and I can easily pull them out myself...

    Therefore, I start nofap again on this day (Jan 1 2018) :mad: with more added changes (daily sport, zero alcohol and less sugar intake).

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  7. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    This is my 2nd attempt to fight this issue. :mad::mad::mad:
    I'm currently at day 14. (yes, new year resolution lol):cool::D

    This time I tried not to focus at all on this whole thing, therefore it was much easier than last time.
    Didn't pay attention on things like shaking and stuff.

    The only things were noticeable that I got a bit aggressive :mad: at about day 7-10. Brain fog again disappearing, more energy and love of life again coming back. Again, I'm not detached of my body, feels amazing! And again, paying attention on details and my interest is coming back for small things as well. Vision is back again into perfect (had zooming in and out problems as last time..).

    Life is good. Will keep you updated every 2 weeks.
    Last time I was PMO free for 185 days. Then I decided to fap every 6 months, but it felt incredibly good, so I fell back into the old path :(
    It cant happen again I promised to myself! :mad::mad::mad::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
  8. It's awesome to hear nearly all of your bodily issues cleared up due to your abstaining from PMO! I reckon it must feel good to be in absolute control of your health and reap the benefits of it! ...


    You've made it past 90 days before, YOU GOT THIS!:emoji_sunglasses:
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  9. Gideonite

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    185 days is admirable bro. The mind can be really tricky when things starts falling into the right places. It's like as soon as you think you're in control of it all, the mind starts compromising with the addiction. The main goal for me is to stop fapping and especially stop watching P. It's much better to do it with a girl than it is to stroke the meat. You can do it brother. Get back on the horse! May God be with you.

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  10. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut


    Thanks mate! :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
    We will be strong and beat this once for all :emoji_rage::emoji_rage::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
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  11. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Exactly! :mad:

    Thanks for the encouraging words!
    You are at 24 days. Thats where you start becoming Superman :D
    Keep your distance. :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle: Dont let me jump ahead of you :cool::D
  12. Thank you sir,this post just save me from relapse.
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  13. Pati_ryu

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    Amazing journey never read an long article with such an interest.
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  14. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Round 2: DAY 31:
    - At day 16 something clicked. I was able to feel good myself around people and I started to be able to keep eye contact with anyone.
    Super happy about it, because it helps extremely at work too. Very strange how quick was the change, because day 15 was sucks too as the days before..
    Somewhere between day 18 and day 26 I got THE SURGE!!!! :emoji_punch::emoji_punch::emoji_punch::emoji_imp::emoji_imp::emoji_imp::emoji_rage::emoji_rage::emoji_rage::emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_grinning::emoji_grinning:
    I couldnt stop moving around and was kinda dancing when I heard a good song. This was a period when people also felt my energy boost and started to be attracted to me again, because I became funny and strong again inside.
    At day 31 I feel amazing, because every conversation is easy as it should be.
    Every other benefit also happened again as at my first try.

    Loving this state!
    I will be back :cool: at day 60 and 90.

    Keep pushin' brothers! :mad::cool::D
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  15. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Thanks Browskiy! :)

    BUT I just realized you reached 500 days !!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::cool::D
    Congratulations!! :emoji_beer::emoji_beer::emoji_beer:

    Do you have a post about it somewhere ???
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  16. DE.HK

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    Buddy, thanks for sharing. It is really inspiring. I guess not just you and me, lots of other brothers here experienced similar symptoms due to PMO. Keep up the good work!
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  17. Brianovitch

    Brianovitch Fapstronaut

    Nice man! I hope you will successfully rebuild your marriage!
  18. Vcplpjz

    Vcplpjz Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your post! I also have tinnitus, dumbness, bad eyes and a lot of social anxiety which does not allow me to make eye contact. I'm still on day 3 but hope to post something similar at day 90 ;)
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  19. hello Brianovitch,
    my name is Arun, Im 21 and started fapping since my very early days, before knowing anything about sex.
    the most i could do is 10 days without fapping. yesterday i lost my everything. for about 3 months things were becoming better and out of nowhere now I'm starting to loose it all. I was reading your story and these lines really hit me "I was the same like you. Going to bed at 3-4-5 am, then wake up 7:30. Felt useless/tired the whole day."
    this is me right now... i find that you were able to achieve success in your first nofap try. i ve been trying for months . even though my life changed dramatically when i started to stop pro, now everything is falling apart. before nofap i was at my very worst with unlimited low cost high speed internet , i would watch porn till 5 am with no sleep and wake up at 6 with very less sleep. I was reading your story and i was crying as i m typing these now.
    i feel very happy for you to finally overcome 13 years of porn addiction. i don't think if i can ever do that. my sleep pattern was very well disturbed over the past weeks and i again blew it yesterday - what makes me sad is that i slept proper 8 hours the day before yesterday and the day before it. i was happy that my sleep was coming back to me. but then i screwed it up.
    I'm sorry I'm writing this here maybe it doesn't belong here , but reading each day of your log was making me cry entry after entry after entry...
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