Made it to 30 days No MO but with P

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Anti-Porn Army Soldier, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Anti-Porn Army Soldier

    Anti-Porn Army Soldier Fapstronaut

    I am heavily addicted to porn because whenever I am bored or depressed especially the latter I tend to download a huge amount of data before eventually deleting it. I have conquered my masturbating habit so far but I still have to conquer this porn addiction.
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  2. plongeur

    plongeur Fapstronaut

    yes, porn is arguably the bigger issue ... but in your case it's also a symptom.
  3. Gladiatori

    Gladiatori Fapstronaut

    @Anti-Porn Army Soldier I did the opposite of this. First thirty days of no P. Now I am on day 11 no M. I see them as linked but also seperate addictions. Beating one at a time is good. Try to cut the M next.
  4. Jodokus

    Jodokus Fapstronaut

    indeed, because we're basically addicted to behaviours.

    @Anti-Porn Army Soldier though I can't understand how you manage to avoid M when you watch and collect porn I would recommend to change the way you use computers and internet. At least if you're like me used to browse a lot and get "what you want" online. It is helping me to avoid youtube, watch- and game-sites as well as "wild browsing". I'm simply blocking the sites and keywords which mislead me, well I'm still distracted now and then.. that's just how the internet works I guess. But you get better with training to get back in control of your browser. Another option is to count and manage time you're online...
  5. Anti-Porn Army Soldier

    Anti-Porn Army Soldier Fapstronaut

    I avoid M when I watch and collect "free" porn when a thought occurs in my mind "Is this worth it?, will this solve your problems?" and the feeling of guilt and emptiness and the repeat of same circle again forces me to not M. Its all about the mind tricks which stops me from this.
  6. melancholy king

    melancholy king Fapstronaut

    porn is the underlying issue, if you were to masturbate to actual sexual fantasies (not porn induced) or better yet to have sex then your problems probably wouldn't amount to much.

    quitting all three (PMO) is necessary because without doing so you won't progress as fast as you might like, which in turn makes you lose motivation, which leads to relapse. See the problem?

    I went a long time (about 4 months or so) with no MO but with P and well I don't think I made the kind of progress I should have, I didn't even have erections of any sort even around the end, which isn't good considering the fact I could a month or so in.
  7. Anti-Porn Army Soldier

    Anti-Porn Army Soldier Fapstronaut

    You are absolutely right!
    Porn is a problem but I am glad that I tackled the MO problem. I am going through a rough time right now probably because of a choice I have yet to make "Whether to wage war on an old enemy or ignore him because of a gesture of insult on his side a few days ago" and for that I have to be as aggressive as possible but my mind is telling me to see the big picture instead and leave him be. Whenever the idea of porn or masturbation crosses my head I say "Just fuck off already" to it because it certainly won't solve my problems.

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