Made it to 30, my story so far.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by RiverOaks, Feb 22, 2016.

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    So on Saturday morning I made it to 30 days no PMO, overall it wasn't too bad there were some really bad urges and cravings and browsing the internet caused me to stumble onto quite a few triggers.

    However I resisted them, not only did I start this journey I also started a weight loss journey(on January 4th), I have so far dropped 25 pounds now and feeling way better then I have in ages. I replaced internet time with healthier habits such as walking,jogging, exercising, lifting weights, reading, researching topics such as nutrition, weight loss, business, economics, healthy living. I reduced my lazy time such as playing too much video games, watching too much TV. I have tried foods I used to claim I hated but turned out it was more an unwillingness to even really try them.

    Large social gathering and going to clubs used to make me get really anxious and 9/10 times I would make up an excuse to bail on the people who invited me. When I hit 30 days on Saturday I was invited to 2 different birthday parties at 2 different bars. I decided to test how far i have came and attend both I went to the first from 7pm-9:45pm and the second from 10pm-1am. Not only did I feel more social and confident in these situations I really enjoyed myself and didn't feel awkward and uncomfortable like I used to.

    Since I am dieting I avoided alcohol and just drank water, and used will power to avoid all the junk food around me. The avoidance of alcohol wasn't purely based on calories but also on purging myself of all unhealthy/potentially addictive habits during my no PMO and weight loss.

    Other things I have noticed through this month:
    -More energy
    -More motivation
    -clothes fit better/more comfortably
    -fit into more clothes
    -Browsing on internet my triggers no longer have as powerful as an effect.
    -Really just feel way better all the time.

    I have decided to keep pushing on to 90 days and see where that takes me, reading posts in this community has made me feel less alone and isolated and not like some weird anomaly. Thanks for reading my story so far.
  2. great story bro. Keep on doing that( im on day 31 as well). It's just the beginning. You're doing all the right things, like reducing crappy habits you had like tv and games, and internet surfing. Thats what nofap should be all about (besides ofc not fapping :D). Do what you're doing and you're one step closer to greatness.
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    Thanks man!
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    It's great that you can report progress and success in different aspects of your life. Congratulations! Wish you the energy to continue on this path. Go for 90 days, then go for 180 days, then go for a full year - that might look like it's far away, but when you just live your new lifestyle day by day it will be over efore you even notice, and you will be able to look back and be proud of what you achieved. Good luck!
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    Day 35:

    Last night was by far the worst night of this whole journey so far for me. I was awake all night due to the inability to sleep, I could not shut my eyes, was super restless, i was cold so i used more blanekts then i was to hot. The cravings i was getting to masturbate and watch porn were the most intense I have suffered so far. None of my normal tactics to fight them were working (reading, video games, journalling etc...). It was -19 celcius and windy as hell, and freezing rain but I still went outside for a walk around the block, it was creepy as hell walking outside at 2am in that weather, I slipped and fell on my ass.

    However when I got back inside the cravings were down enough for me to get engrossed in reading (currently Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg). I just wish I could have got some sleep. I am just super happy and proud I was able to beat that terrible night without a reset.
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    Congrats duuude! I hope you have a good ride to day 90!
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    Great job man! I'm 5 days in according to my counter. I don't feel sexually charged like I was on previous streaks. I have destroyed all possible trigger avenues and this has help tremendously.
    I'm in the military and my work schedule has changed recently from 18 hours to about 10. I'm very happy with that.

    I've been doing body weight work outs and cardio and I'm still not sure if it's right for me. I've be back and forth with this and weight training but I can never stick with one. I set a goal to do a tough mudder but I'll have to take leave and it's pricey. Maybe some other day I suppose. I'm trying out this 5x5 program tomorrow. I've done it before but I (you guessed) quit because i always failed the squat, because of my weak core. I know kowtow fix it now so tomorrow I'll take a stab at the iron game once again.

    I'm naturally a chubby guy so I think lifting is for me. The last time I was on this program I blew up but I was comparing myself to people and missing the big picture, not seeing my own progress.

    My longest streak was about 27 days I think. I didn't have a counter then. Great job and wish me luck on my road to 30.
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