Have you experienced a sense of magnetism since being on semen retention?

  1. Yes, absolutely!

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  2. Nah it's placebo.

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  3. Not sure yet...

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  1. thegibbie

    thegibbie Fapstronaut

    This will be a thread of personal examples of times when I've experienced instances of magnetism where people/animals were drawn to me and instances where I've experienced a time of good fortune.

    Other may feel free to post here as well with examples of their own.

    For now I will start by notating the most recent example which occurred on Day 44 of SR: A female at my workplace who does not usual interact with me came up to me and offered to get me a coffee from Dunkin' out of the blue. This female usual goes to Dunkin' to get coffees for the supervisors but what makes this experience out of the ordinary is that she went out of the way to ask me if I would like a coffee as well as I work in a different department than her. As a reminder this female and I do not really interact out side of greetings and farewells in passing. Anyways back to the conversation: I then proceed to ask her if she wanted money for my coffee and she says "no it's on me". Now I'm very shocked because this is not something I expected at all. I thought she was offering to just go to Dunkin' and bring the coffee back to me, but no, now's she's also going to pay for it. So finally, I'm like "guess this means I owe you one" and she says, "no don't even worry about it" with a smile and then I proceeded to ask her for her snapchat which she gave me.

    This is just the most recent example of something that just "fell into my lap".

    Of course there have been many more subtle or nonsignificant experiences since I've started retaining.

    I'll be sure to update this thread the next time something worth mentioning comes up.
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  2. I do not know whether it's any type of magic going on or people just perceive me differently due to my unconscious facial expressions, or simply coincidence, but yes. People just are more friendly and initiate conversations with me more often; both strangers and acquaintances, who I see on regular, alike.

    Animals? Yes, my cat is flirting with me! Umm... no, not really. I don't hang around animals, not a pet type of person. I don't really care about them enough to pay attention to their behavior either.

    There is also weird sexual stuff going on for me on longer retention periods. Some of these are teases I can not really act on, but some are opportunities I probably could have. Without going into details on it, it's like universe is trying to make me lose my Chi. Something spooky about it for sure.
  3. thegibbie

    thegibbie Fapstronaut

    Yeah it's like the universe is testing you, and with each "passing" experience you are rewarded with more gifts from the universe, however the tests get more and more challenging over time.
  4. Duality is a real force in the universe. I've experienced it many, many times.

    And secondly,. A cat will only flirt with you if they hear you open a can or bag (thinking it's food) ;)
  5. Grey is colourless

    Grey is colourless Fapstronaut

    It can be from slightly less stress hormonally on the system which means less jing used/wasted by the body on a daily basis, accumulated and somewhat filled up jing reserves which allows chi/prana to grow and some shen to acclamate. How you look, like sexy, etc is perceiving the jing unconsciously. How intense/easy to notice or pay attention to a body is the chi or what is called in the western traditions 'aura' / wei chi. So a body that can support more chi and having more chi definitely equals growing magnetism over time. You try a form of chi breathing qiqong to boost faster yang chi. There is yin and yang chi, as specified by people like John Chang...yang chi comes from the sun and is embedded in the air and yin is in the soil. Food has both types. So do 'earthing' as well with this. For chi breathing, go outside in a good place that is calm and has good, clean chi. You don't want dirty old chi do you? Just let yourself breathe and relax on each breath gradually...maybe relax yourself and release tension on each outbreath if you find it easier. Now slightly lower bend your knees, lowering yourself and raise your hands in a relaxed manner in front of your chest, palms facing your chest/face and finger tips somewhat not touching. Now, do Not influence the breath in anyway just let it be itself. Relax and on the inbreath (inhalation) see white light from everywhere entering with the breath. If you do it right you will probably feel yang chi as heat straight into your belly area, foremostly.
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  6. ALEX_88

    ALEX_88 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    I can give you an example that happened to me just today ... today my doctor told me that she finds me handsome and fit, I've known her since I was a child and she never told me (31 years at the moment), it's almost 2 years that I don't masturbate
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  7. thegibbie

    thegibbie Fapstronaut

    That's awesome, thanks for sharing!!
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  8. It's hard for me to say, because I'm not sure what is the factor that makes women more attracted to me now. It could be alot of things. But it causes more frustration for me than anything else. Because I'm married, and I'm like "Where were you girls back when I was an incel in college and school?!"

    One of my biggest struggles of late is sexual frustration, in that I was a virgin when I was married and now I want more sexual experiences, but I know my marriage would not survive that. So, I want to jump these college girls giving me googly eyes, but I know I can't and shouldn't.
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  9. the alpha project

    the alpha project Fapstronaut

    I am experiencing people coming up to me and putting their hands on me, as though they are so drawn to me that they have to make physical contact like I’m a celebrity or someone powerful.

    And I’m having these intense glow sessions. If anyone understand these please let me know. But it feels like a micro dose of a hallucinogen. It’s not only women I’m attracted to. I talk with people. Any people. And it’s like this magic bubble grows around us. We smile and laugh. And it’s very easy and chill. And I feel this glow. I am fascinated with this and will share more tomorrow
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  10. thegibbie

    thegibbie Fapstronaut

    You are overflowing with good energy. People will make physical contact with you to "steal" some of that energy.

    It is probably the same as when you are on a long streak of SR and a women really wants you to E with her. She can tell you have good energy stored within you and she wants you to release it with her.

    I look forward to hearing your updates.
  11. DesertExplorer

    DesertExplorer Fapstronaut

    Definitely! When I went over two months, I could not go anywhere without women staring at me or giving me second looks. It's actually starting to happen now again.

    While it sure feels good to feel wanted, it can mess you up if you attract some provocative women out there. And there are a lot of them. I saw a young woman with very revealing clothes yesterday and it really ruined my day (my porn addiction is the issue here so experiences may vary).

    But if you keep your focus on spiritual matters, meditate, and do some exercises to direct your sexual energy upwards, it may become less and less of a problem.
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  12. gagate

    gagate Fapstronaut

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  13. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    Re-opening this thread.
    Have you guys experienced something similar?
  14. In my opininon , It's no big deal that if someone you've been greeting for a long time offers to buy you coffee one day . Maybe she was just trying to make friends. Sometimes I offer to buy coffee or tea to my friends in my department and then we hang out until class starts. For me, these are kind gestures to get a few friends.
  15. Yes.

    I used to read threads about magnetism before I started doing retention and thinking it was all BS. It's quite another thing to actually experience it.

    People can sense your strong aura. There is a spiritual element to this practice that some might scoff at if they have never attempted retention themselves.
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  16. depeche69

    depeche69 Fapstronaut

    I am doing (or trying) to do SR since two years and have the same experience. Especially at work.

    After 6-8 days it allways starts. Co-worker starts to be nice to me and shows respects. Interesting is the behaviour of my female Co-worker. Normally they ignore me and some also refuse to greeting back. But on a streak they change completely. They start to smile on me, try to start conversation with me or touching me. After relapse they ignore me again.
    This sounds BS but i experience this.

    Unfortunately i never reached 30 days or beyond. My wish is once in a lifetime to get 365 days SR and see the results.
  17. Raven King

    Raven King Fapstronaut

    I have noticed people want to talk to me more at work, and even open up about personal stuff, problems etc. I get the sense they feel I am someone they can confide it. Usually I would approach people to talk to them, now they are coming to me.
    When I speak I am more articulate, whereas before I had a harder time picking the right words to say. There is definitely something to this.
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  18. Beekind

    Beekind Fapstronaut

    SR makes you a real man.
    Women are drawn to real men.
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