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    During reboot, you'll come up with new ideas, something new or adventurous you want to try.

    Your dopamine receptors could still be healing, and now that PMO is no longer an option, you'll want something new to take on that gives you dopamine kicks. Something worth living for. Things that'll help you grow stronger.

    Being on this journey, you feel empowered to take on more challenges.
    Challenges that'll get you a step closer to becoming the (wo)man you've set for yourself to become.

    The truth is, nobody cares if you make it. Nobody cares if you're struggling. Nobody cares if you relapse. People are too busy being normal, living life on autopilot, and dealing with their own problems.

    As a matter of fact, they'll try and drag you down with them when you take action.

    The classic crab mentality;
    when a fisherman puts a bunch of crab in a bucket, the ones that try to make it to the top and escape are dragged down by the ones at the bottom.
    "If we can't have it, then you can't either."

    I've relapsed before due to the lack of support I had around me.
    I had friends who thought abstaining from PMO was a waste of time.

    "You must have a lot of free time in your hands to try something like this."

    Something that'd come out of the mouth of a person who's ignorant to the negative effects of PMO.

    Ignore that noise!

    Just know that evolution favors those who try.

    Whatever you want to tackle, go for it. It is important that you do. You need something that makes you want to wake up early for every day.

    It'll help your mind heal itself.
    Show your mind that you can get a dopamine kick from other things. Things that actually help you lead your own super interesting lives!

    If you fail, you'll know what its like to have tried.
    And next time you'll know what to expect when you try again.

    If you let people- or the socially conditioned voice in your head- talk you out of it, then you'll go back to being a sheep, fitting into the herd of non-risktakers who are given a blueprint to live by and never try anything for themselves.

    If you're in thinking about trying something new, go after it!

    If you already have something going for you, keep it up! And keep on sharing your success stories to empower others that are on this journey with you.

    If you haven't yet, keep listening.
    Your heart and intuition will speak.

    Don't let society's voice and of those around you drown out your inner voice.

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    Just Beautiful ! I really appreciate this my guy . :emoji_pray:
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