Making a small accountability group on Signal (Ages 20-24). Apply here!

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by 103, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. 103

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    Hey, everyone. I've decided that I need to keep myself more accountable, so I'm making a group where we can keep each other accountable to our goals. My main goal right now is 90 days hard-mode, but I'd like to get rid of these bad habits for good.

    If you're serious about quitting porn for good, reply to this post with the questions below answered. I'll send a PM if it looks like you'll be a good fit for the group.

    • Ages 20-24
    • 5 person limit (for now)
    • Download and create an account on the Signal app. (We're using Signal to respect privacy and for ease of communication.)
    • Be kind and supportive of members' goals and effort.
    • Do not share others' private information, and be careful about sharing your own as well.
    • No obscene/inappropriate (NSFW) material. You'll be immediately removed.

    Application Questions:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • When did you start watching porn?
    • When did you begin trying to quit?
    • Why did you decide to quit PMO?
    • Actions that you've decided to take to quit

    About Me:
    • 22
    • Male
    • I started watching porn when I was 14 years old (15 at the latest).
    • I began really trying to quit around the age of 18, but I have gotten more serious about it in the past year.
    • Apart from basic moral standards that make me view it as wrong, I hate the way it makes me feel. I also know that it's greatly impacted my self-esteem and confidence with women. I'm very interested in improving myself.
    • My computer now faces my door, so that if someone walks in on me they can see my screen. I have a person I know in real life that checks up on me every couple weeks to see how I'm doing with my goals. I have a daily planner to provide myself with meaningful structure/activities to my day. I am working out pretty regularly, reading uplifting literature, working on side ambitions, and trying to solidify my relationship with God.

    Anyways, I hope you apply; I'm eager to help you as you help me!
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  2. johndoed

    johndoed Fapstronaut

    • 22M
    • Started around age 13-14
    • Began to quit age 16
    • Waste of time, trouble focusing, lowers my self-esteem... I’m generally in a good place in my life, but my porn addiction has always nagged at me and kept me from reaching my fullest potential.
    • Workout, meditation, studying, being around family/friends
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  3. 103

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    3 spots left!
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  4. Empleh

    Empleh Fapstronaut

    • 24m
    • started looking at porn age 9
    • Began to quit age 18
    • It's a horrible addiction that has ruined my life and purity in this world. I want to be happy again and enjoy life before porn.
    • Clean around the house, stay off social media for the most part and I want to start mediation and working out again.
  5. coilattack

    coilattack Fapstronaut

    • 22M
    • Started around age 13
    • Began to quit at age 20
    • I decided to quit as it became a necessity for me to start my day, it became routine. I want to reconnect with my partner and focus on bigger goals with my career and life.
    • Stop looking at my phone right before I sleep and wake up. Login in everyday to the forum. Getting some outdoors time by hiking and biking. Getting some work done to get my certifications.
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  6. Santiagopaulus

    Santiagopaulus Fapstronaut

    • 23M
    • Started at 11-12 years old.
    • I have been trying to quit since I was 12-13.
    • Because it has made me socially anxious, it robs me of the energy to pursue all that I love, it makes me weak and insecure, and it is a major obstacle in my relation with God.
    • Weekly routine of prayer, exercise, using filters, going after my goals, and connecting to other people.
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  7. 103

    103 Fapstronaut

    That's 5, folks! I may decide in the future to make the group larger, though.

    Any future posts will be put on a "waiting list" of sorts. ;)
  8. MetalKnight

    MetalKnight New Fapstronaut

    • Hey i know u have reached the limit of 5 members but i would reqireq you to add me as some of our views match
    • 20
    • male
    • Started watching at the age of 12/13
    • Tried to quit at 19
    • I realised how bad my addiction is after i acknowledged how it had sexualized my view on women
    • It is morally wrong
    • And finally i realised jow much i could achieve in life if i got free from this addiction
    • Decided to use my parent's hotspot/wifi set up only
    • Started getting close to God and making my personal with him stronger

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