Male, 23, from India (GMT+5:30) Looking for a dedicated accountability buddy with 24x7 support

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    The basic details, I'm a 23-year-old male, atheist, from India (IST or GMT+5:30).
    I'm tired of this cycle of repeated failure.
    I'm looking at things differently this time around.
    Aiming to do the full reboot, hard mode for 90 days.
    I've deleted all my stash, downloaded the Fortify app and started my journey. I plan to figure it out at whatever the cost. I have plans to change the location of my workspace, install filters, and find a way to fight the urges when they come around.

    I'm looking for an accountability buddy who's equally dedicated to winning this battle. You should be honest, and be willing to give and take criticism appropriately, to speak about your problems even if it makes you uncomfortable.

    I am willing to motivate you at whatever cost, and only ask you be there for the same. As I understand it, to beat any addiction, especially one like porn where triggers are so easily available, 24x7 support is going to be required, to help each other when the going gets bad. For this I'm available at all times, I only ask that you are too.
    It'll be simpler to have someone within the same time-zone, though even if your not, we can still find a way to make things work. Willing to work through Discord, WhatsApp etc.
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  2. Hey,

    I relapsed today and have been part of several groups which haven't been that helpful because I need support exactly when I feel like fapping and at that sudden moment no one's online. So I fail to address the urges appropriately and give in to the sudden urge.

    I'm also from india, same time zone. But I can get this urge at any time plus there's no fixed sleep cycle and I'm just looking for a job now.

    I'm happy to provide help any time 24x7. And also I need it in order to get through 2-3 months post which I think things may get easier.

    Also right after relapsing one big mistake that I do is binging. If we can somehow even reduce our mo to twice or once a month then that is great success. But porn needs to be eradicated though I feel compelled to watch it as well.

    Can't get rid of the phone either coz life then becomes difficult.. so need help with the whole pmo cycle.

    Pm me if you are interested.
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