Male Athelte Beats the Worlds Top Female Atheltes at the World Championships

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by onceaking, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Here it is they put it up
  3. You forgot to add a “duh” tag.
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    We need Venus Demilo memes for this thread.
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    I'm going to delete this thread in 7-10 hours time. The truth is I was in a bit of bad mood when I started it.
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    Why? Its not causing any harm.
  7. I say leave it up. There have been worse threads my man. Plus if this thread was you in a bad mood then damn that’s one polite bad mood.

    I am curious though, how did you arrive at 7-10 hours?
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    Debates like this really amuse/baffle me. I feel like 20 years ago, conversations like this didn't even happen, nor did they need to.
    It's only in the last 10 years that society has gotten stupid enough to need to question whether or not men and women are inherently different.... and then get riled up when somebody has the nerve to suggest they are. Like, why should this even be a thing?
    Strange times we live in! :confused:
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  9. I don't think that's necessary. There's been far worse threads, not to say this thread is bad at all.
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    I sleep for about 7 hours and planned to delete it in a few hours after getting up. That amout hours ago gave people enough warning.

    Ok, I'll keep it up but if things get too silly I'll delete it.
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  11. I get the creeping suspicion that this is another bait thread...
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    So it should be deleted?
  13. Oh idc.
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    No, why would it be deleted? Your feelings when you saw that were valid and so is the discussion about it.
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    Personally? I love seeing the political left cannibalize itself with issues like these. Liberals pay lip service to feminism, but also demand that trasngenders be allowed to compete however they identify. So as a result, the party of feminism allows women's sports to be dominated by biological men. Progress!
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    Woman are different from men biologically and psychologically, including several regions within the brain. This is scientifically known, and can't be debated.

    Does this mean we should treat them differently? no. This does mean that when it comes to certain areas of work we should adapt approaches differently depending on the gender to have the best optimization within the workplace.

    IE: woman are much more empathetic, meaning they are naturally much better at socializing and forming bonds than most men. Woman would be an advantage in more-team based scenarios. This isn't the case for every guy though, as many self-improve in this area. Men, on the other-hand, are much better at independent work where frequent communication isn't required. This is often where most woman lack performance in.

    At the end of the day, all people are different regardless of the gender. Its just that some genders come with intrinsic qualities useful in particular situations due to their biology.
  17. I remember our varsity basketball team playing the girls team my sophomore year. I guess their coach wanted higher competition to prep them for preseason or whatever. It was full court, no mercy to 21, full contact. It was pretty ugly and honestly we felt pretty bad playing them. I think we even stopped before 21. I don't know what they were expecting to happen
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    But who has ever questioned men being physically stronger than women. I mean I'm going to be painfully honest with you. A couple of years ago I actually legit tried to find a single one person saying that women are physically stronger so that I could fap for it. Couldn't find it. Not a single one.

    Although while biological differences will obviously give men multiple advantages over women when it comes to things like strength, I have heard that there are some sports in which women actually do better. Could be fake news, since I can't remember which ones or where I heard it.

    Also it needs to be noted that there are biological advantages to both sexes and it's impossible to prove that one would be overall better than the other. Also what really matters in the end is what an individual does with his or her life. If you're a man who never works out, I'm sorry to break your bubble, but there WILL be a woman who is stronger than you. Even without steroids.
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    Very true. I'm a pretty strong guy for my weight. But professional female powerlifters can absolutely crush my numbers ... like, I'm not even close. I can squat 365 lbs. on a good day. The female world record in my weight class is 540.

    But when you're comparing apples to apples? No contest. The record-holding male in the same weight class squatted 760.
  20. Perhaps some precision sports like shooting, bowling or darts, and flexibility sports like gymnastics except bars and rings events. Quick reaction time sports like horse riding and racecar driving probably don't give an advantage to either sex. And then there's synchronized swimming where men aren't even allowed to compete (which is probably for the better :D).
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