Man almost dies from masturbation

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    I want to add I don't think what happened to this 51-year-old man can happen to everyone everybody is different but sharing this article since I feel this is a good example of how this addiction can be harmful to our health.

    Below I copied some of the text from the article I didn't copy all of it feel free to click the link if you want to read the whole article.

    This fellow redefined "mind-blowing sex" after he suffered a life-threatening stroke while repeatedly masturbating. Now, medical experts are saying he’s lucky he escaped the ultimate unhappy ending.

    The unnamed "51-year-old right-handed man" from Japan admittedly enjoyed pleasuring himself several times a day, according to the new case study published in the medical Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.

    However, one explosive self-love session went awry when, after climaxing, the serial stroker was struck down by "thunderclap" headaches and severe vomiting.

    Unnerved by the unsexy symptoms, the man rushed himself to Nagoya City University Hospital, where he was found to have low blood pressure and confusion — two telltale signs of a cerebrovascular accident, according to the medical case study.

    Emergency medical technicians suspected he had a stroke while stroking — and a subsequent CT scan confirmed that the man had indeed suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), a potentially fatal type of stroke sparked by ruptured blood vessels in the space surrounding the brain.

    Prior case studies have reported that sex — including the autoerotic variety — "was the immediate preceding activity before a ruptured aneurysm in up to 14 percent of patients," according to clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Amee Baird, author of "Sex in the Brain: How Your Brain Controls Your Sex Life" (Columbia University Press, 2020). The risk of death by sex-induced stroke can be compounded by taking cocaine before the act.

    The man survived his near-fatal orgasm ordeal and was released from the hospital within two weeks in excellent condition, according to doctors.

    This isn’t the first time someone has suffered a vascular mishap during an act of self-gratification. In 2016, a Bronx hospital worker allegedly died of a heart attack while masturbating to porn at work, according to police sources.
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    Sounds fake. Fox News, lol.
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    I spit out my coffee.
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    the article with all the puns and wordplay. I found in poor taste. Nofap or sex masturbation is never taken seriously in mainstream life.
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    I am gonna go on a limb and say that you have better chance to be killed by a serial killer.
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    Please stop getting info from disinformative sources. Masturbation does not cause stroke.
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    but i cause blindness.
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    Most definitely!
    Masturbation can also cause rashes, itchy scrotum, asthma, hemorrhoids, constant thirst, irritable bowel syndrome, sore balls, well, actually it causes everything except cancer.
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    Oh I hope this man is in good shape now.. that‘s the reason why we shouldn‘t exagerate with anything..
    Also daily fapping or sex can not be healthy in the long term…
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    I think anything could be an initiate cause, not necessarily in all cases...Anger could initiatea a stroke!

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