man code says a man should masturbate often

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by yojesse, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. yojesse

    yojesse Fapstronaut

    Wtf ! Is nofap only for pussies? No offence
  2. The Equalizer

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    yojesse, what up mang?


    I'm not sure how to approach your thread yojesse. Obviously people here view you in multiple ways, none of which I care to expand upon.

    Alright, so this man code you speak of, I'd like to know exactly who started this "code". I'd also like an honest answer of how old you are.

    If this isn't about one of the 'manliest' sites I've had the pleasure of browsing:


    That's a link to their article called, How to Harness Your Sexual Energy. Think Napolean Hill and Dale Carnegie type insight.
  3. mada989

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    Man code isn't showing scientific research, is it?
  4. e5s

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    What kind of man needs a "code" to justify his choices?
    You can't stand up and make your own private decisions?
  5. VanillaMochi

    VanillaMochi Fapstronaut

    Yes. None taken.

    Best of luck to you.

    - VM

    Edit: if by being a man you mean watching PMO and masturbating to a woman that you will never have in real life, instead of spending that time to invest in yourself, then yes. If by being a man you mean having self-inflicted PIED for the rest of your life, yes. If by being a man you mean losing confidence in yourself and not being able to approach a woman in RL without objectifying or using her only for sex, yes. If by being a man you try NoFap a few times, relapse, and QUIT, then yes. You are absolutely correct sir.

    This site is for those who are determined to improve their lives and CONTINUE to work on their recovery. I encourage you to do the same.
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  6. yojesse

    yojesse Fapstronaut

    I don't offend anybody but I'm not sure about the nofap approach , because a man should have high sex drive if so he he would watch porn and fap also approach girls without anxiety or guilt. I've known guys like that.
  7. MelancholyWeightlifter

    MelancholyWeightlifter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    I'm sure whoever wrote this "man code" masturbated often and was just trying to justify it. Live by the code of your own invention, not someone else's opinion.
  8. IWantABetterLife22

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    A man "code" is like a man "card": If you need a card to say you're a man, then that's sad. If you need a code to tell you how to be a "man" and live your life, then that's a little pathetic too. You're a man if you say you're a man. And real men decide how to live their own lives without others telling them what to do.

    Also, if you truly want to go by this logic, then the manliest of men don't masturbate or look at porn. I have no idea where you got the idea that man code says to masturbate often. Excessive masturbation often leads to high anxiety and guilt, which adds to problems approaching women. My dad is a construction worker, and his friends are a lot like him: confident, strong, outgoing, loyal to their family and friends, persistent, never stopping until a job is done. Now that's what I would call "manly." Do you think any of them watch porn or masturbate often? Fuck no!
  9. How many days will you be able to go without PMO? Do the 90 days challenge and prove to me and everyone else - including yourself - that you are not addicted and that you abide by your man code.

  10. NotAfraid

    NotAfraid Fapstronaut

    I'm not sure, if you're a troll or just too young, but a man also isn't looking for instant gratifications, even if he "should" have a high sex drive. That "man code" you're talking about means "wannabe-man bad habit justifying underage fuckboy code". You see, men are not gregarious in a way, that girls are. I'm generalizing a little, but girls follow each other and like the same things and they might need this "girl code". Men do the shit they want to and have no need for "man codes", because those are for people that are lost in direction.

    And those guys you know probably have some serious sex addiction, not high sex drive. Someone like that who is controlled by his animal cravings is no man in my eyes. Just don't get hurt, when someone of them chooses some bad bitches vagina instead of your friendship. That shit has happened to me couple of times, when hanging out with "guys like that".

    If you're young, then I kinda understand where you're getting this shit from. When I was 14-16 years old, we used to talk about porn all day with my friends and thought it was the most manly shit to do. Boy, how wrong I was... Maybe I felt somewhat manly when using porn for a couple of years, but when it became an addiction, it just made me feel like crap and less of a man.

    If you're trolling, then scram!
  11. IGY

    IGY Guest

    WOW! Look at your counter Aryangor! I have just checked back through your stats and you are just a few days from reaching a new personal best (currently 28 days). This is the time to focus and push through beyond this imaginary line. You have the makings of the rest of your life - truly a lifestyle change. Do everything in your power, call on every resource and keep going until you are rebooted! Best wishes: IGY :)
  12. Ekhangel

    Ekhangel Fapstronaut

    The OP is quite obviously trolling or his account has been stolen, especially considering his earlier posts. Chance also is he was drunk when posting, which is quite common among "real men".

    My man code would suggest not wasting time on that.

    Constructive criticism of abstinence is welcome, though.
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  13. CL555

    CL555 Fapstronaut

    This 'man code' sounds like something some 17 year old 'bro' came up with to try and justify his own diminished manliness.. Ignore it. NoFap is for people who want to become champions at life.
  14. Gilbert

    Gilbert Fapstronaut

  15. yojesse

    yojesse Fapstronaut

    I accept your challenge , I would go 90 days without PMO
  16. yojesse

    yojesse Fapstronaut

    CAUTION it's pretty long. Maybe one of the meaning full post ever.

    first of all go to my profile and checkout my post about man code . I'm no trolling or drunk but confused. I read that fucking man code on Google, it says a man should masturbate often. By the time I read that I was already about to relapse so it just gave me a justification to PMO. I'm sincerely devoted to nofap since last year. My best streaks were 44 and 32. Since the last 44 streak I'm constantly relapsing till now.(but my confidence has gone up a lot regardless of PMO). But still I'm suffering from porn addiction. I don't feel happy unless I watch some pussy on screen on drink alcohol. I'm telling this all from my heart( no trolling ). I tried opendns to block porn but after two days I found that porn didn't get blocked by opendns bullshit. So I watched and fapped 5 times in a row then I fainted into deep dick was swollen next day , couldn't even retract the foreskin to pee or clean. I'm really feeling depressed and empty,but the things I find on google on masturbation keep me from nofap , I mean people and forum, scientific reasoning,so called sex experts , YouTube videos by some doctors,even some fitness enthusiasts , they all go positive with masturbation( one guy said if you have high testosterone it's normal for you to fap). Aren't doctors aware of the fact that dopamine reward system is fucked up by any kind of addition (here PMO), why they don't say that if we PMO we will develope porn addiction and soon start feel the supposed negative effects our frapanauts report.( is it mean that every frapanaut trolling and blaming PMO to their natural anxiety and low confidence problem).so basically what's going on with doctors and all the people justifying PMO. ( I want to make sure that I personally felt the negative side effects of PMO but I couldn't find and valid reason or anything to satisfy my curiosity.)why all the educated people like fitness trainers or doctors also scientists are not aware about this PMO crap. They always say that it's normal to fap. ( this is all about the act of fapping penis and orgasm). But as you all know one other hardcore topics dealing with sex and masturbation are SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION,CHI ENERGY ,YIN YANG,KUNDALINI,ETC.If PMO is normal then all the people interested in those things don't PMO at all ( even Bruce lee he didn't fap because it would steal his energy leaving him eak and fragile.) so again if PMO take away energy so the intercourse would do the same. But here we encourage intercourse while saying that PMO is the villan . We fap because we feel the urge to do so , we see a hot girl and again we feel an urge to fuck her or fap. Basically without thinking we are drawn into this naturally ( like animal instinct). We either fap or have sex ever since we have matured sexually. So it leaves no clue that we are sexually wired animals. Why there's no scientific evidence to SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION or to the sexual energy al least. ( we have evidence for dark energy but not for some supposed energy inside our own body.) at last I want make sure that all of this isn't for trolling or I'm drunk while writing this post. I'm writing this because I'm frustrated and depressed by nofap and my PMO addiction.some one please spent your time here explaining me what's going on. Please leave comments so that I can at least know what you guys thinking after reading this .thank you so much .
  17. Caveat Emptor

    Caveat Emptor Distinguished Fapstronaut

    You say experts believe masturbation is fine, and that PMO is your problem. None of the experts are saying porn is good for you, right?

    Masturbation and PMO are different. Is that where this confusion comes from?

    IMO, porn is evil and it's use ha profoundly negative effects. Masturbation, IMO, is a waste of time, but isn't profoundly negative.

    So, if you subscribe to the idea that masturbation (without porn) is good for you, go ahead and fap away. Nearly everything else is still a better use of your time.
  18. Ekhangel

    Ekhangel Fapstronaut

    But then, if he masturbates, he'll expose his brain to yet another flush of dopamine that in turn will only reinforce his urge to watch porn (Chaser Effect), so it's then pretty pointless to differentiate definitely between MO and PMO.

    Yojesse, many scientists advocate for masturbation because it's the easiest thing to say. After all, any retard will easily acknowledge the "truth" behind pro-wanking arguments, since he's only waiting for a good justification to start the fapping session already. Obviously, there are negative as well as positive effects of masturbation, and these primarily depend on your personal characteristics and on what you actually perceive as "positive" to you (meaning all the subjective values, like family, restraint, chastity, loyalty, etc.).

    Then there's also the question of personal tendency for getting addicted, which certainly varies among people as well. If you acknowledge for once that you are addicted (the calculation of pros and cons of taking an action leans towards the cons side - and yet you can't help relapsing), then you can be sure any further "rationaliation" will only make things worse.
  19. IGY

    IGY Guest

    I disagree with gigglesmack that "if you subscribe to the idea that masturbation (without porn) is good for you, go ahead and fap away". I agree with Ekhangel that his brain will be sloshing around in dopamine. I mean, do you really think that a masturbation addict will really be able to stop objectifying others as sexual objects and never watch porn again? I don't think so.
  20. Caveat Emptor

    Caveat Emptor Distinguished Fapstronaut

    This is a good point! I always bring this up in other threads. I guess it just slipped my mind in my frustration. : /

    If a porn addict faps, they will need to think of porn to finish, which might as well be PMO'ing. You and Ekhangel are correct that in this situation, it makes no sense to differentiate between PMO and MO.

    Its just the OP seems to desperately want to believe that MO is okay, based off all these experts. Which, now that I think about it, is a rationalization. And considering it pulled him back into the PMO addiction, he should realize this.

    My original point was the OP seems to be equating PMO with MO, which the experts are not. (I was in law school mode at the time.)

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