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    I am a 16 year old male. All my life i had been smaller in size than the average people. All my friends in my class got moustache and started growing a beard buti can't even seem to growa full visible moustache. All this make me feel like i am less of a man and can't get into love and no women would love me. Most People see me as a weak person and try to impose their opinions on me. What can i do overcome this ?
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    I could barely grow mustache too when I was 16. My beard did not fully develop until early 20s. So there is chance that eventually you will get decent beard. Beard can keep developing in 30s, 40s, or 50s even. It's not just a puberty thing.

    Funnily enough even tho I can grow a beard now I don't, I prefer clean shaven. Never had any problems with with people due to that though. And I don't think you have either. You are just making that stuff up in your own head, due to your insecurities and low self esteem. That's the real problem here you need to deal with, not facial hair.
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    I am nearly 40 and never had a proper mustache or beard as it just doesn't grow properly. Some people have more testosterone and some less. Less testosterone doesn't make you less man.

    I am also a bit more feminine (not gay) (and no, I don't look like a woman) and I don't have a big muscle, I am the ordinary thin guy with loads of feelings, yes I am sensitive. So you can not compare me at all to a normal man with a proper mustache and muscle. I never had a problem to get girls. Every girl likes a different looking man. Do not believe that women like only strong testosterone man with massive shoulders and deep voice. Nonsense.

    You can overcome this by believing in yourself and not paying attention to it. What will make you very sexy for girls is your self-esteem and how you see yourself. How cool you are about yourself. Trust me on this one.
  4. Me too.Just be patient.Hope one day it will come out
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    I couldn’t grow facial hair until I was 19. Lol now it comes too fast that many times I don’t bother keeping up with it. So, yeah the time most likely will come.
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    I'm 21 and have just started to grow a non-patchy beard. Still not even a full beard or close. Honestly none of those things are something you should be concerned about.

    If you really want to be "bigger" then hit the gym and lift weights. I did it (for a different reason, I did it for my mental & to prove to myself I can) and gained 40lbs at my peak. Still the same results.

    I can tell you 2 clichés that I found to be true with weightlifting. It raises confidence tenfold, very awesome. #2, girls seem to be into you more (this could also be due to nofap). And the best part is more attractive girls are into you.
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    Not much. Be good at what you do for a living. Your accomplishments will speak for you since your looks don't do much. Weightlifting is a nice hobby, but it can backfire if you go too far. People will see that by having very large muscles you are overcompensating for your natural lack of masculine features. So stay humble and find balance.
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    Would someone tell me what makes us transform when we're on nofap? I had low self esteem when I was masturbating continuously, I couldn't understand anything in class, no one seemed to like my presence.
    And just within 36 days of nofap my life had turned upside down. I was funny, creative, energetic, responsible, active, girls were interested in me for no reason, earlier I wasn't able to finish any task was always lazy out of energy and now I was doing everything on my own, I had enough positivity to do any task at hand without overthinking about it, but I relapsed just now. Does someone know the reason behind all of this?
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    well,you seem to have experienced the benefits of NoFap. In order to know the cause for your relapse(just i like i did within 7 days of challenge) you can watch this YouTube video and understand why you relapsing is dangerous than masturbating continuously and understand the neurological connection between your brain and porn.
    In this video you can find why nofap associates with such amazing benefits
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