man vs himself or women?

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    I always struggle with the dating process, or women.

    I was married for 10 years. I don't know if I want it again.

    I want love and affection, and I want to give it.

    But is this thing a "need"?

    It seems like a relic from years past.

    I spent many nights searching. Pursuing. Trying to attract.

    What was I looking for out there?

    Why wasn't what I had good enough?

    Another person comes with as many liabilities as assets, experience has taught me.

    I was divorced in Sept, 2017.

    Two years, no new woman has emerged.

    If I NEVER PURSUED a female, it would never happen.

    Dating has no internal inertia, it only goes as far as I push it.

    And I come back to the same stupid question all over again:

    If I was TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY 100% happy with my life,

    would I want a gf, wife or women to date?

    Obviously there must be problems if I even have to ask.

    The physical love really has no benefit.

    The experts who say that can't truly prove it.

    Is there such a thing as an accurate control group, unsullied? No.

    Therefore, I'm going to hold off for a while,

    since the return on this project is foggy,

    and the required effort to obtain it is equally an unknown quantity.

    And if I'm an idiot or you agree, post up your thoughts.
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    A marriage is a kind of postulated relationship. The moment you stop building, you stop postulating the relationship, you stop creating your marriage. It is not wise to think one can do fine without love in this world, although it may not come naturally for some. To a greater or lesser degree, you can set goals for yourself and pursue them, if you do this with energy, there are chances you will get what you want.

    This is what I believe.

    I think the best in your case, would be to reconcile with your ex-wife. Things can be worked out, and chances are, you'll find the same problems in your new marriage. We tend to carry the problems with us on these things.

    I'm single, never married, but I got this sorted out thanks to my religion.
  3. LOSEmyselftoSAVEmyself

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    No offense, my friend, but if you are never married before, how can you tell me that I should reconcile with my ex-wife?

    I was trying to think of which of the thousand reasons was the strongest one to explain why it would never work.

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